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  1. “and second damocles, it is the most pathetic retort possible to smear a person implicitly when they discuss banking crimes, by bringing in ‘international jewish bankers’,
    it grossly muddies the discussion, it is contemptible and i find it personally offensive”

    1. Stop accusing anyone who disagrees with boyu of being a. a moron and b. a tool of the international capitalist conspiracy and your complaints will have more credibility.

    2. I wasn’t referring to “international banking crimes”, I was referring to conspiracy theories. Feel free to substitute a reference to the Pope or the Illuminatai if it makes you feel better.

    3. If this were you blog, I can assure you I wouldn’t waste my time commenting in the first place.

  2. Incidentally Smiths since you’re happily applauding the views of so-called Austrian School economists can I take it you support their policy prescriptions such as;

    abolition of progressive income tax;
    repeal of most environmental protection legislation;
    repeal of all minimum wage and industrial safety laws;
    repeal of all product safety laws;
    repeal of bankrupcy laws (they’re an unfair state interference in private contracts fare better to go back ot the days of debtor’s prisons;
    abolition of essentially all forms of income support including pensions and unemployment benefits.

    So who’s the right-winger here again?

  3. compounding inaccuracy

    i never accused anyone of being a moron, or even close,
    and i never accused anyone of being a tool of the international capitalist conspiracy,
    and we were in fact talking about the bailout of the banks, not any of the rubbish you mentioned

    as for credibility, 98% of the economists, pundits and media just got everything about as wrong as its possible to get it with regard to the world economy,

    credibility with them, or you, or andrew or joseph i do not seek,

    i merely read the unthinking crap that gets written and seek to add a counterpoint or two

  4. smiths,
    If you start the smearing you can hardly complain when it comes back to you.
    Instead of trying to smear Paulson, how about answering a point or two? It might be an interesting diversion to address a substantive issue.

  5. damocles said
    But that’s obviously less fun than constructing conspiracy theories about the “plutocrats�.

    i replied
    yeah, those ridiculous conspiracies – ha ha

    coincidences and accidents over and over,
    always with the same result

    joseph said
    Be careful what you say. Damocles might be one of “them�.

    and you andrew said
    Ah, yes. It is all a conspiracy. Do you also know who the guy on the grassy knoll was or was it actually a space alien?
    Perhaps it was Damocles with his sword in the book depository.

    i was still talking about the bankers and the bailout,
    the smearing of me was done by joseph and then you with your condescending stuff about the grassy knoll and space aliens

    i think the high moral ground you are looking for will elude you

  6. I’m too busy right now to trace the rights and wrongs here, but can everyone please knock it off.

  7. fair enough,

    sorry for my part in it

    i’ll try and frame my arguments with less of a of conspiratorial flavor

  8. Damocles, I do not remember raising any conspiracy theories about the bailout. I gave a link to a Mogambu Guru column because it raised the problems of the carry trade over 12 months ago, and because I enjoyed his satirical humour. I passed no comment on his views.I have never been in favour of the mindless free market knows best, low tax, small government policies introduced by Thatcher/Reagan (and I find poetic justice in that they both went on to full blown develop Alzheimer’s). Bush’s policies could have been developed by someone with severe Korsakoff’s syndrome as they give the appearance of being confabulated by someone who lacks insight, has meagre thought content and a very short memory span. I would not go so far as to call his contradictory taxing and spending policies criminal, just insane. I would reserve the criminal bit for his wars. The world response to the bailout is far from thought through. It is hard for all those pollies and economic gurus have to reverse their public adulation of the holy trinity, the market, private enterprise and the perpetual growth of capitalism. The Great Bailout looks to me to be the old political knee jerk response – on a much larger scale and to the drum like beat of distant money printing presses just throw tanker loads of cash about to distract the hoi polloi, while casting about for scapegoats. It seems to be modelled on  Howard’s response to “The Little Children are Sacred” report. Lots of money and experts ver increasing numbers of refugees are fleeing the intervention to set up their camps in the towns from Darwin to the Alice and Mt Isa. If the bailout fails, and that remains a dreadful possibility then seeking low paid casual work in a dysfunctional community, somewhere ‘East of Eden’, may become the new black. 

  9. &%^$
    The computer goblin removed the paragraphs and sent the above before spell check and proof read. In the fifth line from the bottom replace ‘ver’ with ‘while ever’

  10. Monty,
    All politics aside, it’s pretty disgusting to say that Alzheimer’s is any kind of justice.

  11. Joseph. I know, I wouldn’t wish it on them.

    In my nihilistic view of the world and given the misery their policies inflicted on the poorest and weakest members of society I still see it as poetic justice.

  12. hey monty theres a great video at


    about thatcher and the civil unrest with a great song i’d never heard before by robert wyatt – shipbuilding

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