27 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. I can’t help but think (and they’ve done nothing to make me think differently), that mostly the Lib-Nats don’t think climate change is a big deal, that they have more confidence in the IPCC’s very unlikly possibility that recent climate change isn’t anthropogenic than it’s very likely that it is conclusions, ie preferring to take their cues the losers of the climate science debate than the winners.

    I’m not convinced that Rudd’s policies are good enough to meet this global challenge – more like convinced they aren’t – but a Lib-Nat non-policy is far worse.

  2. andrew, i was a libertarian when i was 14, but i grew up. now i am willing to admit there are other human beings who must be consulted about social activities.

    democracy is how you do it, once you have discovered you don’t know everything and are better off by letting everyone have a vote on what needs to be done, and how to do it.

    i lost faith in governments in ’67, when mine, at the time, carpet-bombed cambodian rice farmers as an election ploy. once you realize that pollies draw on the same talent pool as serial killers there is no lack of evidence that any government is a crime. the point of democracy is that there is no government, just clerks doing what they are told, in public. the reason libertarians aren’t democrats is either prolonged adolescence, or solipsism. i hope you’re not old enough to vote.

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