Weekend reflections – special edition

The move to the new server is complete, and I have high hopes that the problems that have plagued the site for so long may be behind us. While I get some posts going, it’s tim for weekend reflections, which makes space for longer than usual comments on any topic. As always, civilised discussion and no coarse language.The Projectionist movie full

13 thoughts on “Weekend reflections – special edition

  1. John, there has been a significant shift amongst Western political analysts claiming ‘there is no case for accelerating NATO membership for both Georgia and Ukraine’. Furthermore, the BBC now accuses Georgia of ‘committing war crimes’ during the recent escalation of events in August 2008 in the breakaway region of South Ossetia. Eyewitnesses describe how Georgian tanks fired directly into an apartment block and civilians were shot at as they tried to escape.

  2. Obama “Sapere Aude”.

    He has already failed the first test, I think “rambo” his new chief of staff is a popular selection amongst the most influential lobbyist but an unwise one.

    So Peace is out of the question.

    As for the plight of the US economy which is in a recession, he will ease the masses through with his skilled oratory.

    It won’t matter that the “promises” will never be achieved. Only that the current Status Quo be retained,which is the primary purpose of any “Big Government” to maintain its existence by appeasing the masses.

    “Even with the record amount of revenues from all the home sales, Barack Obama will still need trillions more for his social programs so the government can provide free health care, auto insurance, college educations, automobiles, food, appliances, and magazine subscriptions for every single person in America regardless of citizenship, as long as you make under $30,000.”

    Yes a little humour I borrowed. But I think thats how the American People heard it, we’ll at least 51% of them.

    I see little hope and yes the begining of New Age of a Great Statesmen.

    If his first decision is anything to go buy the US citizens have elected another Narcisstic president.

    Obama “Sapere Aude”

  3. disclaimer: ‘ubiquity’ is not nor ever has been, me. but while i’m in voluntary re-hab, it’s nice to see others unimpressed with saint what’sisname.

  4. John, it seems like some Western politicians, including our own, will be ducking for cover as evidence piles up against the Georgians for the recent escalation of events in South Ossetia during August 2008. According to Ryan Grist, a former British Army captain and Wing Commander Stephen Young, the retired British military officer OSCE reports, the Georgian side manufactured evidence to hide their guilt.

    who was the senior OSCE representative in Georgia when the war broke out blames the Georgian side, “It was clear to me that the attack was completely indiscriminate and disproportionate to any, if indeed there had been any, provocation,� Grist said. “The attack was clearly, in my mind, an indiscriminate attack on the town, as a town.�

  5. Just to add, A question related to Bam and his election.

    He has skilfully allowed people to project their disparate hopes and wishes onto him, without disabusing them of their misapprehensions.

    What is the morality of such a strategy?

  6. As you know Sean, it is simply immoral for anybody who is not a rightwing Republican to come to power in America. Ever.

  7. Obama appoints as Chief of Staff a pro-Zionist citizen of Israel who is also the son of an Irgun member a mere eight days after becoming president elect. The disconnect between people’s perception of Obama as the second coming of FDR and the chutzpah that appointment represents is almost too big to comprehend.

    From the Wikipedia —

    Palestinians were angry over Obama’s appointment of Emanuel as Chief of Staff, especially after his father Benjamin Emanuel was interviewed by the Hebrew daily Maariv in an article entitled “Our Man in the White House.â€? He stated: “Obviously, he will influence the President to be pro-Israel. Why shouldn’t he do it? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floor of the White House.”
    [He] … referred to Emanuel as “the son of a terrorist, a real living terrorist.”[41][42][43] He referred to Benjamin Emanuel’s participation in the Irgun, which the Anglo–American Committee of Inquiry and the New York Times labeled a terrorist group for its bombings of Arab and British civilian and government targets.[44][45][46] According to the New York Times Benjamin Emanuel “passed secret codes” for Irgun leader Menachem Begin.[47]

    Unless some sort of miracle turns up Obama will only accelerate Bush’s Israel/Palestinian policy, not change it. If this is any guide to the rest of Obama’s presidency then people are going to be in for four years or even eight years of incredible disillusionment. We’ll know more as he announces the rest of his appointments. Specifically, we’ll know who owns Obama.

    Obama is probably the most popular politician the world right now. He has nowhere to go but down. After 9/11 Bush had an approval rating of 90%. That did not last.

  8. It real is marvelous to see nuts of the right and left coming together to pronounce with absolute certainty on what a disaster Obama will be.

    Wouldn’t want to do anything silly like wait until he’s actually taken office.

  9. Interesting result in New Zealand. Roger Douglas of Rogernomics fame will be back in parliament after 18 years. His free market party, ACT, seems likely to be the coalition partner for the Nationals who don’t have the numbers to govern in their own right. Well done New Zealand!

  10. Since 2005, incumbent governments have lost power in Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Australia and now New Zealand,

    The only examples I can think of off-hand of an incumbent government in a western country winning re-election in that period are Spain and the recent Canadian re-election of the Harper minority government. (The latter mainly reflects the inability of the three principal Canadian Opposition parties to form a coalition despite having far more in common with each other than with the Conservatives.)

    Maybe Obama’s election in the US is less a historic watershed or a definitive rejection of Bush than it is simply partvof a larger trend.

    If that is the case, I’m at a loss to suggest a cause since the trend predates the subbprime crisis.

  11. Dear oh dear! All this cynicism about politics is so sad. Look, don’t you know that politics is all about sincerity? Once you’ve learnt to fake that you’ve got it made!

    The US presidential election (as a young female at my workplace pointed out) showed that modern politics has become a reality TV show. In fact, it’s both reality TV show and advertainment masquerading as news and current affairs.

    The key question may be this. How do we rescue modern politics from advertising budgets and personality politics and get it back to the exposition and discussion of real issues?

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