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  1. Re – the car industry subsidy. It would cost the government a lot more if those 65,000 people were on the dole, which looks highly likely without it and there are many more jobs in sectors other than the car indusry which would also go were it to shut down.

    Also, if all goes well and the subsidy/investment kicks off a future of self sufficiency for the Oz car industry, then the $6.2b can be calculated over a longer period, perhaps even viewed as a nation building exersize. There is enormous potential for growth with an Australian car industry producing cars that Australians want to buy.

    The car industry is a big easy target for politicians with lots of bells and whistles going off when you hit it, unlike many other sectors which are like shooting flies.

    I don’t see the sense in going LNG without hybrid. Our need for range means EV’s are not practical for most families so PHEV’s are the go, with LNG fueled ICE range extender by all means.

    Sadly, it shouldn’t have come to this and I don’t know whether it’s because past governments have not attached stringent conditions to subsidies or whether the parent companies are too useless for words, or both.

  2. SG there is only one gas hybrid I know of a variant the Hyundai Elantra that uses LPG (mostly propane) not CNG (mostly methane). CNG tanks require a burst strength of around 220 bar not 15 bar for LPG so they are heavier until carbon fibre versions become standard. If a plug-in has both a suitcase or bigger sized battery and a bulky gas tank then grandma and the dog might have to go in a trailer. Most people will want cars with a 300km range and some spare room.

  3. its f***ing sick,

    i come to work on packed public transport that cant cope with the people using it during a slow motion environmental catastrophe and governments across the world are bailing out car makers who have focused on urban 4wds

    the politicians, business leaders and commentators are scum. end of story.

  4. Have to agree smiths – I spent five and a half years or so, travelling two to three or more hours a day on public transport, in Sydney. And the endless train schedule changes due to track maintenances. Watching the single-person cars and Beaumont Bulldozers parked on the freeway as endless Public Private Partnership tollways are built up (Lane Cove – what a joke!). In the end it’s a waste of precious life. But where to move to? Where will the water be? It sure ain’t here in Murray Bridge. The river is still receding here.

  5. I sympathise with smiths.

    The trouble with Sydney rail is that NSW treasury doesn’t want to expand its operations because it is costly and hopelessly inefficient compared to other Australian rail systems. The inefficiency stems from overstaffing, corruption and inadequate maintenance. But nobody in government wants to fix the problem because that would involve taking on the relevant union and probably sacking or retraining several thousand people who effectively do a job that could be replaced by a few machines (station staff and train guards).

    To put the inefficiency in perspective, not many Sydney train drivers could afford the salary cut to take up a tenured Level C position as a lecturer in an Australian University. Not bad for a group of people who mostly left school at grade ten and get paid more still for shift work and overtime.

  6. Hermit, we may both be wrong by 2013, at the current rate of innovation and when petrol is $2 or $3 per litre, a hell of a lot more things will instantly become possible. At this point in time it looks to me that heavy transport could switch to CNG/LNG quicker than light transport.

  7. You may recall the ever astute Observa becoming increasingly bemused by his society’s somewhat bizarre and superstitious preoccupation with places of death and how they should be treated, should someone happen to die there of anything but old age. He was gobsmacked when his peers wanted to bulldoze a perfectly good cafe in Port Arthur, shaking his head at social pressure on LJ Hooker to give way to the sudden feng shui of a particular house depositor and a bit non-plussed at the increasing decoration of stobie poles, trees, armco, etc to immortalise the stupidity and drunkenness of the young, more often than not. Presumably the more mature drunk and stupid among us only get an austere Govt black marker. Where will all this end thought the Observa as superstitiously accommodating Govts enacted legislation to require homeowners to disclose if anyone had died there. How far back that exercise in history and archaelogy should go is anyones guess he thought.

    Well we didn’t have long to wait for the answer with an impending court case by the looks of things and won’t that be a doozy for rational judges to work out? It seems the owners of a rental house(since 1998) want the NSW Govt to buy and burn down their rental property and create a park for the poor unfortunate 7 yr old girl that died of starvation there late last year. It may have something to do with the fact that under our brilliant new superstition laws, they have to disclose the death and its nature and well you know how superstitious feng shui buyers can be after inspecting a property, paying their deposit and coming over all feng shuieee when the feng shui finally hits them. Now you might say bad luck nasty capitalist exploiters of the renting classes but there is a twist, because in making the judgement to rent it out to needy souls it seems NSW Housing fibbed somewhat as to the parent’s past rental record.-

    ‘The couple say they rented the house in Hawks Nest to the girl’s parents, who are now in custody awaiting trial on charges of manslaughter, after the New South Wales Department of Housing faxed them a reference, including 38 pages of the couple’s banking history and a note saying they had been good tenants.
    The department also told them that a house in Matraville the parents had been renting had been well kept.
    In fact, five truckloads of debris, including human faeces, had been removed from the Matraville property when the couple left, and there had been dozens of complaints about the way they neglected their home and their children.’

    OOPS and double OOPS! I feel a court case a coming on should the NSW Govt fail to buy and burn down a perfectly good house in a time of increasing housing shortages. What can you say superstitious folk?

  8. On the NZ election result, it would be a good idea if they could change the current stupid voting system.

    It is quite silly that a party that fields good candidates in competitive electorates and thereby wins more seats should be penalised by gaining fewer party list seats.

    A better system would be to simply have a certain number of seats elected on single-member constituences, and have a certain number elected on proportional representation, but without any extra compensation for parties that win fewer single-member seats than their party vote.

  9. Here’s a gem in strategic assets pricing theory and agency theory.

    According to an asx public announcement, on the 5th of November Ahmed Fahour, NAB director, sold 130,000 ordinary shares at market. On the 10th NAB surprised the market and announced an institutional placement of shares (discounted). NAB share prices as one expects went down.

    This is classical CEO behavior described in a large literature, both theoretic and econometric.

    While my interest in this is mainly pedagogic, thankfully, I’m not an NAB shareholder.

  10. It’s OK rabee, he’s going to deposit the proceeds with the NAB where it’s safe and can help the bank’s bottom line. Leave these highly technical banking details to the experts.

    Now as you know I’m not usually a superstitious fellow, but with the breaking news that GM has asked the US Govt to rescue them(after a 23%fall in stock price yesterday and Deutsche Bank analysts saying they’ll soon be worth nothing), was the Rudd Govt’s $6.2bill handout to the car industry here really a bad omen? Was it a plot to bring down the parent company and undermine Bush? Is Rudd secretly an anti-US Toyota man? Is he surreptitiously trying to get out of paying that $6.2bill? Will Toyota take over the NAB and then the world? There is more to this than meets eye folks! Be very, very afraid of things that go bump in the night.

  11. John, rather than asking the government as to whether there are gremlins in our system which are a national security the Opposition has gone off on a tangent and branded Rudd as ‘a coward’ and of leaking details of the telephone conversation he had with Mr Bush to The Australian newspaper. Drongos.

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