Unfairly excluded!

My Crooked Timber co-blogger, Michael Bérubé made it to David Horowitz’ list of America’s 100 most dangerous professors. But when the Australian Liberal Students Federation outdid Horowitz by managing a Senate Inquiry into academic bias, I didn’t make the list of 30 or so. Here’s my post at CT – I’ve kept the explanations for non-Oz readers

The great David Horowitz campaign against evul academics has reached Australia, and has even occasioned a Senate inquiry. It was a load of fun. The report is good reading, as is the minority report by the Liberal (= conservative down under) Party Senators who called the inquiry in the first place, but lost control following their election defeat last year. A snippet suggests that those involved knew how to handle Horowitzism

From the committee’s perspective it appeared as
though it was to be called on to play its part in a university revue. The submissions,
the performance and the style – to say nothing of the rhetoric – presented by some
Liberal Students suggested a strong undergraduate tone. The ‘outing’ of Left and
purportedly Left academics and commentators (masquerading as academics as we
were told at one hearing) was in keeping with this tone. None of those outed objected.
Some appeared flattered to be named in the company of others more famous

The list of leftist academics is, I must admit, a sore point. I never located the full list (the links on the inquiry website were skew-whiff) but clearly I wasn’t on it. What does a leftist have to do to get noticed in this country?

28 thoughts on “Unfairly excluded!

  1. John, if I may reply to jack strocchi by saying critical thinking as a syllabus has never gone out of fashion at the major universities in Australia.

  2. Let these so called young liberals (organised by a core element of extemists) state their case using the best liberal traditions and arguments and they might do well in assignments rather than devoting their time to attempting to create a wishlist of people in universities and schools who may not agree with them.

    The reality is, if they spent as much time and effort on their studies as they obviously did on this shabby little inquisition list of “names” they might actually get through uni regardless of their views (and we welcome freedom of opinion as long they can discuss of a range of alternative views or hadnt the young liberals noticed?) instead of clogging up the uni appeals process or the legal process on trivial political machinations.

    One star for a lot of effort – shame it has absolutely no use at all and no one will take any notice of it and its extremely badly timed (know when to call, know when to fall, know when to walk away and know when to run).

    Its not worth the paper its written on. Its already out of date.

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