29 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. I don;t know whether it’s a relief or not but it does illustrate that you have no reluctance in pontificating on issues about which you’re profoundly ignorant.

    And I’m still waiting ti hear why the Chinese economy is going to experience a more severe contraction than the US.

  2. Has this been discussed mat all?

    The McKinsey Global Institute has done some of the most comprehensive and credible recent analyses on energy efficiency potential and carbon mitigation cost curves (see here). They have summarized their work in “2008 Research in Review,” so this is a good opportunity to create one universal link for their work.

    One core MGI factoid you can use: Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. emissions reduction potential by 2030 is from energy efficiency.

    MGI is best known for its comprehensive cost curve for global greenhouse-gas reduction measures (click to enlarge), which concluded measures needed to stabilize emissions at 450 ppm have a net cost near zero — the same conclusion as the International Energy Agency and IPCC.


  3. So if a cold snap in the US disproves global warming, what are we to make of this:

    “The Weather Channel reports on the air that at least 75 high temperature records were set Saturday and Sunday, December 27-28. In Washington, persistent clouds kept the high of 70° from reaching the 1946 record of 75°, but the record high minimum temperature of 50° for the 28th (dating back to 1881) was tied.”


  4. John, according to the latest reports Ukraine has buckled under Russian pressure and paid its outstanding $US1.5 billion gas debt on time. No mucking around with the bear anymore.

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