7 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. I really need to understand, if Queenslanders have such unique accents why can not identify a southener fro their accent when they are here? I will not accept because Queenslanders are slow as they answer.

  2. It is all about temperature, El Mono. Heat loosens, cold tightens. There is plenty of evidence. Australia? hot. Australians saayee feesh and cheeeps. New Zealand? cold. Kiwis say fsh ‘n chups. It is all in the facial muscles. Aussies have trouble keeping it closed, whereas Kiwis have trouble moving their jaw at all, and the Scottish? Even colder, we know where they’re tight. So there is a range of possibilities, now go looking for the subtleties in between. Cairnes hot, Melbourne cold. You’ll find your way around.

  3. A great Ben Bernanke quote:

    “… I do not think that the fundamental role of the credit creation process in the economy will be affected much at all by the process of financial change. Despite the greatly increased sophistication and flexibility of financial arrangements, as well as improved communications and computation, potential borrowers must still be screened, evaluated and monitored by experienced individuals.”
    FRBNY Quarterly Review, Spring 1992-93, 18/1, p66.

  4. John, reports coming out of Israel proper suggest Muslims are now being targeted at the Haifa’s Technical Institute. Not a good sign.

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