32 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. I should add that none of this would be hypothetical if we asked the Michelles and others on the waiting list, as well as those already in public housing for their thoughts on the matter and a majority liked the idea. Naturally we could put any of Alanna’s alternative strategies to them all at the same time….?

  2. Observa#26
    Actually asking those on public housing lists what should be done would be a very good start Observa…I suspect the predominant view would be to reverse the decline in public housing provision.

  3. Observa#27
    You initially suggested not merely “reward dollars” but whatever real dollars they had in addition to “reward dollars”. I suspect Michelle’s real dollars would have been spent putting food on the kids table. I know a few single mums who slowly grow a bigger credit card debt doing just that. They dont have “real dollars” and it might help you to get out of your leafy suburb and look around a bit more. If its caring and sharing thats needed to help get people gback on their feet so that they can participate to a greater extent in the labour force and get on their feet (yes with your tax dollars) – then consider caring and sharing an investment in not only their future, but yours too Observa (their demand keeps you employed and able to live in that leafy suburb).

  4. John, maybe its a godsend that Chinese Government-owned companies are on the prowl looking for opportunities to invest big within Australia’s mineral and mining sector. However, I have always been sceptical of the way Chinese do business and the Foreign Investment Review Board must ensure that any takeover will not affect the rights of Australian workers. And if all is above board then Australia may escape the world recession with just a little scratch thanks to the Chinese.

  5. Alanna#28
    ‘I suspect Michelle’s real dollars would have been spent putting food on the kids table.’
    Well at present she has to put that food on the table and pay private rental, while another comparable single mum may be trashing a public house and contributing to that $7mill extra cost over 3 years that could be spent on accommodating Michelle. You might well be critical of the level of pension and rent assistance they both get but it’s the same for both, with my added bonus for Michelle that she can reverse the roles at no extra cost to her and her family. That would then free up more public housing resources for more similarly situated Michelles and perhaps teach our miscreant single mum a valuable lesson in life. That holds true for whatever level of pensions and benefits and public housing we communally agree upon.

  6. 31# Observa
    I know you dont mean it to sound this way but the implication of your last post is that some poor single mums are house trashers. It would be really nice to have some stats on who the house trashers are Observa. Im taking a wide step here (given I dont really know) but I could suggest that miscreant dads or male partners are likely to have a higher incidence of being the house trashers?

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