Bushfire appeal continues

I’m extending the appeal until this evening (Monday). There were some problems with links which led to a lot of people being unable to find the thread. These have now been fixed, I hope and the total is up to $9425 as of Monday morning. You can record contributions here, or in the original thread.


Ransom video

It’s Monday evening, and the grand total for the appeal is $10,025 which is a marvellous effort. It’s certainly a big achievement for a blogosphere which is so often castigated as being trivial, self-absorbed and so on.

Let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back for this, then resolve to show similar generosity all year around, in public policy as well as private charity, and regardless of whether the suffering we aim to alleviate is spectacular and newsworthy, or grinding and prosaic.

Having reached our target, I’m closing off the appeal, but of course there’s still time to donate to this appeal (details in the post below) and it’s always a good time to give some help to others in need.

4 thoughts on “Bushfire appeal continues

  1. Well done on the bushfire appeal. It is indeed a commendable effort. When the need is real and the benefit clear Australians always step up and give genereously.

    When you suggest that we should be genereous in public policy are you suggesting that we advocate things like lifting the tax free threshold so people can keep more of the wealth they earn, cutting the minimum wage in regional areas so the disadvantaged can get jobs outside the black market and guaranteeing land owners the right to clear trees around their homes so they don’t die in fires. Or did you have some other version of genereous in mind? Just wondering.

  2. So roughly 100 people (ignoring the complication of couples, households etc) have chipped in some 10 grand.

    And the nation at large (22 million is it now ?) donated around 100 million dollars.

    I’m surprised nobody has crunched the numbers and come up with a comparative “generosity index” rating for our mob.

    I think such a comparison would make us a pretty caring lot, as one would expect from a mainly “left of centre” constituency.

    Our equally generous, and not so left, curmudgeonly friends (who make this site so interesting) would probably say that it just proves yet again that the left doesn’t understand the value of money.

  3. John – there is no objective evidence that the “left of centre” is more genereous with their own money that other people. Although clearly quite a bit of evidence that the “left of centre” is more genereous with other peoples money.

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