24 thoughts on “Prime-aged male

  1. According to the Wikipedia (my favourite online reference) John Quiggin’s date of birth is 29 March 1956, hence making him 53 years old today. Incidentally, my twins’ date of birth is 29/3/1994 so they share the day with JQ.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Quiggin!

    The number 53 is a mathematical prime but in what sense is 53 prime for males in labour market terms? Is it the age where male income is maximised perhaps? Or are there a higher proportion of 53 year old males in the workforce than males of any other age? I must admit I am puzzled over this one.

  2. On the other hand JQ you are alive! (which is the greatest gift) and each day you enjoy you get to keep! Each day you regret you get to color the next one so screw the numbers and the labour market. Cheers ….

  3. Happy birthday. For once I will put it bluntly: you are wrong.

    I suspect you will be in your intellectual and therefore labour market prime (at least as it applies to YOUR labour market) for many years to come.

    Congratulations and I hope this is a prime year.

  4. One foot in the grave.
    I detect much whistling in the dark from thread contributors, but take it from me- it is almost Parmenidian in its truth-
    you get younger almost as quick as you win the lottery.
    Abandon hope, all ye who enter here; apart from the prospect of a thrilling walking frame race or walking canes at twenty paces, or test crocquet.
    If you are male you additionally get woman who deny that they look like their mothers despite the evidence of old sepia family photos, applauding and now the whole issue is unpacked.

  5. Since last October I’ve been perfectly square and prime-aged for the last time in my life.

    Happy birthday John!

  6. Many happies, Prof Q. You’ve beaten me to the milestone by exactly one month. ’56 must have been a good year for babies.

  7. Try to stick to weekdays for your birthdays, John. But best wishes for the next 364 days, anyway.

  8. Happy birthday, John.

    Paul Norton Says:

    Since last October I’ve been perfectly square and prime-aged for the last time in my life.

    It would have been both funnier and truer if you’d posted this 48 years ago. 😉

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