Brush with fame

I’ve spent a very enjoyable Easter Weekend at the National Folk Festival in Canberra . Lots of great music (longer post if there’s interest) but a very pleasant surprise was listening to Warren Fahey and the Larrikins, when Warren launched into one of my songs. It’s old, but the theme is, as it were, evergreen.

Bobby, I hardly knew you

As I was walking past the lodge, haroo, haroo
I saw a most peculiar dodge, haroo, haroo
Bob Hawke came by and I swear its true
He went in red and he came out blue
And the Liberals didn’t know what to do
Oh, Bobby, I hardly knew you !

Where are the eyes that flashed with fire, haroo, haroo
Where’s the fear you once inspired, haroo, haroo
The bosses love you like a son,
You’ve got the greenies on the run
Flogging yellowcake by the ton
Oh, Bobby, I hardly knew you !

Where’s the workers leader now, haroo, haroo
Consensus is the sacred cow, haroo, haroo
Out wages cut and hours froze
Except for the doctors and such as those
I think that something’s on the nose
Oh, Bobby, I hardly knew you !

Where’s the voice that roared so loud, haroo, haroo
Wheres the left-wing stand so proud, haroo, haroo
You smile so sweet and you talk so glib
You duck and dodge and you fudge and fib
And you sound just like a bloody Lib
Oh, Bobby, I hardly knew you !

(Tune: Johnny, I Hardly Knew You/When Johnny Comes Marching Home)

5 thoughts on “Brush with fame

  1. I was at the Warren Fahey session – a wonderful excursion into Australian history and culture.

    The sheer diversity of musical styles that somehow co-habit at the National Folk Festival is stunning.

    I came across a couple of wonderful younger performers that were a joy to listen to and there were all performances that you just cannot get to.

  2. Phew! No need to worry

    Did you hear the news today?
    We are off the hook
    So drive your car and burn your coal
    And stop being such a sook

    A press release from the AEF
    And Jennifer Marohasy
    Unquestioningly reported
    In the news on triple zee???!!!@@@????

    Elevated levels of CO2
    In the atmosphere
    Is caused by more than fossil fuels
    So there’s no need to fear

    The ETS is premature
    The government should not hurry
    Carbon is a natural thing
    Phew! No need to worry

  3. Many years ago, Warren produced a fabulous book of political songs – The Balls of Bob Menzies. Worth getting hold of. I’d be very interested in reading more of your thoughts on the festival, which has been a bit of a secret from the political classes in recent years, but which is now attracting a lot more interest.

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