Ergas v Quiggin debate

A year or so ago, Henry Ergas and I had a bit of debate about this paper

on ‘The Risk Society: social democracy in an uncertain world’.

The world has got a bit more uncertain over the past year and Henry has agreed to another round, this time live at the Customs House in Brisbane for an event organised by the UQ Economics Alumni. It’s on Tuesday 5 May, 5:30 to 7:30.

Important update In posting the notice above, I forgot to say (or rather, didn’t realise) that it’s not free and registration is essential. Members of the Alumni association pay $32, Non Members $38 and Students $25 and there will be a group student discount available. There are drinks and canapes, so you can estimate the net cost of the debate yourself.

Debate poster Wuthering Heights divx

29 thoughts on “Ergas v Quiggin debate

  1. If we use the definitions of JQ, the most socially democratic government Australia has ever had was the Howard government, and the most neoliberal the Hawke/Keating government.

    Of course this is not really relevant, because what JQ really means when he talks about “social democracy” is in fact Socialism.

    ‘Socialism’ is real ideology that will not speak its name.

  2. Ill speak B.Kiernan. Neoliberalism has failed us all. Call it what you want socialism or social democracy…its a mere question of degree. One persons socialism is another persons social democracy is another persons institutionalism. But someone needs to get in and clean up the mess that has been made in planning and underlying infrastructure and short of letting the so called markets clean it up (the mess unregulated markets have made) I suggest we allow the government a greater say in the form of a mixed economy to implement some rules again. The neo liberals have had their day in the sun and stuffed up a whole lot of systems with false ideology. Id like to live in a system I can reasonably be assured acts to prevent fraud and unnecessary risk permeating our financial structures (or our tax revenues) and Im sure a lot of other people would too (otherwise its a gun and safe we need and Id prefer not to live like that). Neo liberalism is an abject failure.

  3. Well, what a difference a month makes! Given the resumption of business as usual and the return of usual capitalist prosperity, I wonder how we will all justify our intemperant “neoliberalism is dead, social democracy rules” and “Keynes beat Hayek” memes?

    It seems at least on this particular round, Mr. Egans beat Professor Quiggin.

  4. This is a truly bizarre claim to make at a time when the success of the avowedly social democratic and Keynesian policies of the Rudd government in mitigating the global crisis is being recognised across the board. As for “the return of our usual capitalist prosperity”, go and announce it in the US where unemployment just reached 9.4 per cent, not to mention countries like Iceland and Ireland.

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