5 thoughts on “Test

  1. around 1979,visiting family in the federal capital,a young man was met.He was Persian.He had been a conscript in the shah’s army and his father managed to get him out of the country.He wound up in Australia.He was well educated and his english was excellent but he was a stranger in a strange land.Talking (rather listening) to him was my first close up contact with a person from an islamic culture.Though he insisted he was Persian rather than Iranian and Persia had been around a long time before islam showed up.He had two mothers who both owned their own homes.They owned the house,the house contents and the land the house was on.So he had two homes.His mothers had completely separate lives though the children in the family shuttled back and forth between homes so if one mother got a new washing machine(for example)the other mother heard about it quick smart and hubby had to front the goods.Equal treatment straight down the line.From the sound of it an upper middle income life.A heavy burden for his father but he was a successful and well respected businessman.When he came home at night,whichever house he would come to,the first thing he would do is smoke 15(not 14,not 16)pipes of opi*m and he had done this for as long as the young man could remember.There was concern but no stigma.The substance was used to increase endurance and pain tolerance.Father did not want his sons to start,he had worked to make sure his children were educated and did not have as hard a life as he had had.Plus,Japan,Europe,South and North America,Australia and other parts of the world were out of reach.He could only travel regionally where the substance had been used and incorporated into the cultures since time immemorial.Apparently there is a huge traditional market for the raw product.
    Saeed(that was his name)didn’t want to be in Australia and was really happy to talk and talk about his home.He wasn’t poltical or devoted to religion or ungrateful for the fact that Aust had extended a safe haven.He was devastated that his own had pushed him out of his life.When his conscript time was up he was going to study at university.That plan was up in smoke. All he wanted to do was go home.He couldn’t.His name was on a list and if he showed his face he was due a bullet.

    All the news from Persia brought him to mind.If I had never met him I would have had nothing to compare with the oh-my-goodness-bin-liner image.We didn’t keep in touch but I wonder where he is now and how he got on and maybe if things go the right way he will finally be able to go home.

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