The secret state and public buildings


Given that we’ve been discussing the transparency or otherwise of public processes, I was interested to get an email saying that ASIO is to get a new headquarters, built on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Apparently the public consultation process consisted of some documents posted, for the statutory 10 days, on a Dept of Finance website under the title ‘EPBC referral 2009/8414 Commonwealth new building project’. The project was quietly approved by the Howard Government in 2005 and exempted from oversight by the joint parliamentary public works committee. The Rudd Government continued the secrecy.

You can get links to more info here.

4 thoughts on “The secret state and public buildings

  1. That said, and transparency aside, I’m in favour of stuffing as much into the parliamentary triangle as possible. The Palaces in a Park approach they have at the moment is unwalkable, unfriendly, and uncivic.

  2. What an utter joke. ASIO really are quite up themselves with their little spy fantasy, aren’t they? Do they think that if they don’t tell the people of Canberra where they work and how much their building costs, no other spy agencies will ever know this?

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