I gave two talks yesterday, one in Wollongong and one in Parramatta, about different aspects of the financial crisis. In both cases, my initial destination was the corner of Church and Market Streets and the person who had organised my trip was taken ill and couldn’t attend the talk. By this morning, I was a bit confused as to my location and status.

10 thoughts on “Coincidences

  1. I couldn’t help noticing the main streets in Auckland included Queen and Albert. What possible connection could Auckland have with Brisbane? Spooky, hey?

  2. In terms of the crisis, could that mean you were cornered by an ill fated mix of church and market, causing confusion JQ?.

  3. Since we are talking about life in general, I’ll just say this. The only reason I am posting again is out of sheer boredom because there is not a decent RTS (Real Time Strategy) game on the market. Any RTS game fans on this blog? Any decent games on the horizon? Know any good blogs or forums I could go to? Not FPS (first person shooter), I hate those. And not MMORPG either (which my 15 y.o. son jokingly tells stands for Mainly Men Online Role Playing Girls). And then he spends hours on WoW! Come to think of it one of his characters is a female elf. Ahem. Should I be worried? πŸ˜‰

    Do you remember the glory days of RTS? To me the first real gems to come out were Total Annihilation and Starcraft. Then there was Cossacks, an excellent game. There are some pretty good mods of these games around too. They are all legacy games now I guess, sigh. Players are deserting them except the Koreans who are still playing Starcraft at some inhumanly good jedi level.

    However, in the long run it became apparent that these were all tactical games, not strategic games, and they favoured young minds and fast-clickers. Nobody has built a truely strategic game for old fogies like me. I know how it could be done but it would not be commercial… meh! Damn market controls everything!

    You all asleep yet? See, I’m better than sleeping tablets! Now, if only I had a good online RTS to take my mind of MY insomnia. πŸ™‚

  4. Ikonoclast, if you find a good cure for insomnia, let me know πŸ™‚

    As for FPS, it all went downhill after the truly bit-breaking, CPU-thrashing, Williams^{TM} DEFENDER. Once at Uni I dropped a couple of coins into the cafeteria upright DEFENDER (is that a bit too loud at this time in the morning – must be, the neighbour’s dog is now barking) and several hours later handed the game over to some stranger in order to do an emergency bathroom break – 5 million was the score at that point. Later I heard of the US teenager who in a 17 hour marathon made 16 million…I guess he just claimed he’d spilt his coke if anyone asked.

    One bloke at the local fish-n-chip shop used to park his tank in this otherwise unexceptional game – I think it was rather imaginatively called “Tank” – go back home and grab a bite to eat, come back and continue. He had found the one spot in the game where the enemy tanks couldn’t reach. To anyone else it looked as if the game had broken. If only that attention to detail had been spent on the subject matter before exam time.

    And for those who’ve made it this far, did you know that “Galaga” would reset at pattern #236? Every time!

  5. Still two more Australian towns to test for coincidence, brought to you by google maps:

    Corner Church St & Market St, Minyip, Victoria 3392, and
    Corner Church St & Market St, Mudgee, NSW, 2850.

    Booom, Booom! (apologies, sleep-dep does that – “Basil Brush”, IYAW)

  6. @Ikonoclast
    Ikono – no you should not be worried about your son’s female elf. My son had two of the most beautiful female characters in his set of wow alter egos. Now hes out and about looking for real live ones…

  7. “Now he’s out about looking for real live ones.” Hmmm, maybe now you should start worrying Alice. Just joking of course. πŸ™‚

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