Weekend reflections

It’s time again for weekend reflections, which makes space for longer than usual comments on any topic. As always, civilised discussion and no coarse language.

29 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. John, a bit of history was made last weekend when Professor Uri Davis of al Quds University (an Israeli Jew) was elected to Fatah’s 120 member governing body the Revolutionary Council. Maybe this will break the ice and bring peace to the Land of Canaan.

  2. Ikonclast,

    I have rephrased and reoriented the Rewards idea to fit in better with the existing system. That is, it becomes more easily explained and we do not have to invent any new institutions or laws to implement.

    I believe it achieves what you are seeking by broadening the “public sphere” to include the public:) while still using markets to do what they are good at when allowed – and that is to distribute resources in the most efficient manner.

    Any questions and points of clarification eagerly sought.

    Now my regular business is purring along I have more time to devote to turning the idea into a working system.

    I am also looking for a good stickable title and am starting to favour

    “Zero Interest Loans for the Public Good” or the broader concept that includes such things as distributing health funds “Democratization of Government Spending”


    You may also be amused by


  3. @Michael of Summer Hill
    Moshie – you say Rees is learning fast but not fast enough. He needs to disconnect his strings from the puppet masters who control him or the voters will disconnect the lot of them (I think its way too late anyway – even if he does it wont save NSW labor). They have been so busy running a political pary they forgot they were running the state of NSW.

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