73 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. There is a lesson in here somwhere for politicians…if they want to play the dirty game of politics they need to make sure they are super clean and thats how it should be.

  2. Nanks, I don’t quite agree with deception for it implies people have an ulterior motive, continuosly tell fibs and make up things. In the Della Bosca sexgate already there are conficting statements as to the truth and it is the unknown which is unknown.

  3. On Della Bosca I think his private life is his own business. So long as it does not interfere with his day job he can, as far as I’m concerned, have sleeping arrangements with 15 mistresses and a goat so long at they all consent and clean up afterwards.

    In terms of books I think import restrictions are just silly. The doom arguments being made against the lifting of parallel import restrictions are all much the same as the ones made before the last government removed parallel import restrictions on CDs. The subsequent reality after those restrictions were removed demonstrated that the doom and gloom wasn’t realistic. At the end of the day I don’t know why anybody would support laws that profits private companies by excluding competition and making consumers pay more.

    Previous discussion on the book imports topic was had here:-


  4. Alice, maybe Della Bosca was naive but not a goat for if Nanks is correct then it was a setup.

  5. Alice – would the “eww” factor lead you to impeach a president that likes inserting cigars into interns?

  6. Yes – he can go too Terje – but still it wasnt as bad as launching Iraq on taxpayers funds a premise of shonky lies and presiding over massive deregulation of banks and giving war contracts to mates like Halliburton was it now? They both can go!!!

  7. Alice, if Nanks is correct about the setup then it is not too hard to work out where the money is coming from given the continuous rhetoric, innuendos and propaganda being propagated against NSW Labor.

  8. Alice – yes the media is intrusive. You seem to be saying that you’re happy for people who participate in weird sexual activities to run the country so long as you don’t know about those weird sexual activities. This seems to be a triumph of symbolism. Essentially leaders don’t need to be nice decent reliable family type people so long as they look like nice decent family type people. I find this attitude a bit repugnant. In my book a given sexual activity is either relevant and should be scrutinised or else it is irrelevant and should generally be ignored. When it comes to sexual affairs such as the one that Della Bosca apparently engaged in I think it ought to be regarded as a personal matter. Of course I know that for many it won’t be but I’d hope they are not so shallow as to judge him unacceptable for office simply because he couldn’t avoid getting caught.

  9. @TerjeP (say tay-a)
    Terje …you said this about me “You seem to be saying that you’re happy for people who participate in weird sexual activities to run the country so long as you don’t know about those weird sexual activities.”

    That is such a long call. Id rather they behaved themselves to be honest!!

  10. nah – Della’s affair is no longer personal and I suspect it was a set up anyway, but I still think Della is on old fool and as they say… there is no fool like an old fool….extrapolating on that… no old fool should be running the country in government….

    Now Terje…I couldnt be plainer could I??? Pack your bags Della and move on..!!

  11. Anyway Terje…quite seriously could anyone imagine Fatty OBarrell getting up to this nonsense…really? I cant.

    Its just another (yet another) indicator of exactly how low the individuals in this State Govt have sunk and exactly how long they think they have been smart, pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes…there is one face for the media and they have probably been laughing over their long lunches, trysts, development deals done with mates, kickbacks, and all sorts of “what can I get out of being a NSW politician.” Really , we know who they are (just in case the Della Boscas ask the question again)…its a workshop for every crooked crim pollie that seeks advancement by belonging to State Labor. Its not about government and its not about the people of NSW. Its about bulldozers, Bull…. donations and deals for the party and individuals on the inside.

    If Rees had any morals (because most of the party clearly dont) he would call an election AND NOW. I want my vote to say good riddance to them (and they can take their developer mates and shonky PPS deals and spin with them).

  12. I don’t really care who Della Bosca is on with, but he surely knows the rules of the game and knew that if this came out in this context it would be curtains for his ambitions. That does seem to suggest that he likes putting it about a lot more than being in government, or is at best most unwise. Either way, it doesn’t recommend him. And why was he bragging about it? Pretty tacky if you ask me.

    The repulsive thing is that the choices seem to be limited to the vacuous and reactionary O’Farrell or the utterly toxic ALP. We have a government that seems bent on making it impossible for anyone but for the most tribal of the party faithful to vote for it, and an opposition that guesses, probably correctly, that most people (or at any rate plenty enough) that it can get votes on nothing more than that they aren’t the clowns in power. As people know I feel strongly that my policy of not voting at all is entirely justified and once again it is affirmed with knobs on here. I live in greg Smith’s electorate so even if I didn’t it would make not a scrap of difference. If O’Farrell can’t get Epping in this climate, my vote won’t make any difference. And if he does, then the same applies.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why when Rees got the job he didn’t simply rule a line throught the scoresheet and declare that the Carr/Iemma/Costa days were a horrible mistake which he planned to rectify so as to position himself as a make or break reformer of the culture and a return to core labour concerns and enthusiastic environmentalism. It’s hard to believe that if he’d followed this strategy that he’d have wound up in a worse position than he is now. A lot of people would have hoped for such a thing. At worst he’d have had some enthusiastic footsoldiers who could have put up a defence that the government’s program was worth fighting for. And if he had gone down swinging at least he could have blamed somebody else and declared he’d fought the good fight.

    But no … his cabinet was stacked with egregious reactionaries like Della Bosca and Roozendale and Tripodi and Sartor and dimwits like that chap dancing in hs undies. It beggars belief.

  13. @Fran Barlow
    Fran asks why didnt Rees rule a line through the scoresheet??/ Because its obvious Rees is a puppet but the puppet masters of “lets look after the mates” are still there pulling his strings…same old same old. Im voting to destabilise the bastards. Roozendahl is still there. Obeid is still there. Tripodi is still there. Keneally is a puppet who knows the words “yes masters”. Tebbutt has been silenced, long ago and doesnt stand for a thing except the word “yes masters”.
    Horrible – the lot of them. NSW State Labor embeds a system of corruption that long ago needed cleaning out (either that or grow a brain…pretty damn hard for that sorry lot).

  14. Is there really much point in discussing the fine points of public policy when mega-immigration levels are more or less sticking the country in permanent grid-lock for all basic public services?

    I know why Howard was keen on ramping up immigration. He didnt give much more than a toss about global warming. And he knew the best way to reward the Big End of Town is to pack them to the rafters. Drives down wages in sweat-shops, ramp up rents for slum-lords and keep the degree-mills churning.

    But why do self-styled “social-democrats” calmly accept and even applaud crushing the living standards of the native-born working class? Not to mention the rampant despoilation of the dwindling green and pleasant parts of our urban fringe.

    Evans is still determined to overload the boat to capsizing levels. In the midst of a recession, global warming and a housing crisis he aims to keep permanent migration running at about 250,000 pa. Thats more than one percent of total population, more than twice the post-war average rate. At least the Hun bothers to notice:

    THE Federal Government is set to maintain record high immigration levels, despite growing concern about the impact on young job seekers and urban congestion.

    The Rudd Government has admitted it wants to bring in up to 230,000 migrants annually over the next 40 years, according to a new Immigration Department report on skilled arrivals.

    But thats only half the picture, as the issue of special visas (student and work) are running at about the same level, around 300,000 pa all up. Add in Kiwis, overstaying back-packers and illegal immigrants and we have about 600,000 new bodies pa to accommodate. Minus annual emigration of about 100,000. Still leaves about 500,000 net additions to the population pa, by my reckoning. Sheehan does the math:

    Senator Chris Evans, issued a press release stating, among other things: “The use of 457 visas to employ temporary skilled migrant workers has grown rapidly in recent years. A total of 39,500 subclass 457 visas was granted in 2003-04 compared with an expected 100,000 places in each of 2007-08 and 2008-09.” That is a 150 per cent increase in four years.

    Did you know the number of overseas students coming to Australia is also at a record high, with 228,592 student visas granted in 2006-07, a 20 per cent increase over the previous year?

    The immigration figures quoted above do not even include New Zealanders, who are not counted as part of Australia’s annual migration program, nor do they include people who have overstayed their visas. Add another 50,000 or so people

    500,000 extra mouths to feed, bodies to shelter and minds to educate pa, beyond the more or less stabilised native born population. Year-in year-out as far as the eye can see. Pity the poor public transport user or long-range commuter. And this kind of rampant growth is going pummelling our dwindling stocks or water, un-carbonised air, top-soil and green space.

    Its also turning into a political time bomb. Immigration was on the nose with the populus under the regime of the Theophanoid Left. Howard managed to restore sanity over the nineties. But now the Business Council Right is calling the shots, and once again the public is getting antsy:

    A major poll taken after the latest federal election revealed growing concern about high migration, with more than 40 per cent of Victorians wanting it cut.

    This was way above the 27 per cent who wanted a reduction during a 2004 survey. It is believed that rising concern about jobs, urban congestion and water shortages is driving negative attitudes towards migration.

    Mark my words, we are building a powder-key here, especially given the evident signs that social fabric is wearing. I predict some kind of nativist xenophobic reaction over the next few years.

  15. Jack Strocchi, the above should read greater inequality and not greater equality for it is the growing disparity between those who are well off & those on the bread line which Federal Labor has failed to address so far.

  16. @Michael of Summer Hill
    Michael and Jack on immigration.
    Jack has a point re immigration but I suggest its immigration without any investment by government in accommodating infrastructure that is also the problem. If you look at teh 1800s waves of immigration after the goldrush the government was busy building rail networks, telegraph, ports, water facilities and public buildings across the country. Whats insidious about modern infrastructure is exactly that – a distinct lack of public accommodating investment. Immigrants cant go to State Rail or the Sydney water to get jobs. There is nothing that is guaranteed by way of government employment and yes, without that it does ramp down wages (as Jack suggested John Howard would have most liked for his big business friends and I agree).
    Instead we have Joe Hockey now wanting to slam the long term investment implied in the budget deficit for all he is worth BUT which the business lobby groups say is overdue and sorely needed. There is no point packing people here to the rafters if you have no government planning and invfrastructure to deal adequately with the new immigration effect on population numbers. That is not a recipe to get any “boost” from immigration but only a recipe to burden existing systems to breakdown point.
    Its not the immigration Jack – its the lack of expansion of the social infrastructure needed to cope with that immigration.

  17. I cant help laughing at one letter to the editor today that reads

    “now, if only we could find someone to sleep with Joe Tripodi…”

  18. Jack has a point re immigration but I suggest its immigration without any investment by government in accommodating infrastructure that is also the problem.

    The solution is to replace immigration quotas with an immigration tariff. Instead of setting a number of immigrants that we will accept each year we should set a price for immigrating to Australia. The tariff would moderate the flow in similar ways to a quota but it would also raise revenue for public infrastructure and elliminate waiting periods for immigrants. It would also allow humanitarian groups to provide residency in Australia to those that it thinks really need it by buying passage. Obviously some basic conditionality on immigrants such as health and criminal background checks should remain in place.

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