Gov 2.0

Gov 2.0* is an interesting exercise in trying to use new communications technology (Web 2.0) to promote the public good. Blogger and economist Nicholas Gruen is running the show (or playing a big role anyway) and is looking for tenders on a variety of issues. Take a look.

* To anticipate the standard joke, I’ll be waiting until the 2.1 release.

2 thoughts on “Gov 2.0

  1. I fear it will be another case of bloatware that suffers massive cost over runs and essentially fails to deliver.

  2. Excuse me but when exactly did the Department of Finance and Administration become known as “the Department of Finance and Deregulation”. What is this name??? – so rampant deregulation is out there as an explicit objective now, is it??

    Why doesnt the Department of Finance and … “Deregulation”… rename themselves “The Incredible Shrinking Deregulated Departments of Government…now known as Gov 2.0″… and managed for the Australian people courtesy of Microsoft and Cisco.

    It doesnt get any better than that does it? Thats all we really need ….A user friendly interface between the people and their government (Now known as MS.GOV.AU.COM v 2.0)

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