30 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. That happened in Sydney as well KS. After the guvmint removed price caps….Macbank increased landing fees 40% in a year after JH’s productivity commission declared “we really dont think they (Macbank) will raise landing fees because there will be the disincentive of the possibility of the government reintroducing price caps”….yeah right…laughter heard all the way down the corridors to the boardroom lunch at Macbank!!

  2. The sad reality is we have governments that have so stripped away their expertise they couldnt run a simple airport if their lives depended on it. Not NSW Labor and not Bligh’s government either anymore. They keep stuffing up badly with privatisations and are doing the states out of growth, out of tourism dollars, out of income and out of jobs..they want to get paid to front a camera and deliver spin and not have to worry about services and still collect their pensions on the way out the revolving door.

  3. Crikey John, when the frustrated Coalition runs out of ideas up pops Tony Abbott hurling abuse at Julia Gillard calling her a ‘shi*-eating grin’. What next.

  4. John, it’s funny how the neo-conservative indolents who are ridiculing Rudd for telling the truth are now coming out of the woodwork to defend the indefensible.

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