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  1. Freelander, don’t blame the unions for the big polluters have had ample time to clean up their act and failed to do so and are now crying wolf.

  2. Systemic risk is a risk that you cannot hedge against – but you can pretend it isn’t there, until your number comes up.

  3. @Michael of Summer Hill

    I agree, it is not the unions who are to blame. It is the companies, their management, and to some extent their shareholders. I am sure though that the companies are attempting to sell the merits of free permits as a way to protect workers, but unions should fall for it because it isn’t true. Free permits will do nothing for workers. The only people it will protect are shareholders (and the excessive pay of CEOs etc).

    @Donald Oats

    I quite agree with this too. Hedge funds are really misnamed because they tend to specialise in the opposite. They like things that pay off most of the time but lose everything once in a while. They deal with other peoples money and make their living from commissions and bonuses. When their fund blows up, they have plenty to live on.

  4. Freelander, under the the polluter pays principle the party responsible for producing pollution should be responsible for paying and cleaning up the damage done to the natural environment. Thumbs up Obama.

  5. Update, Update, Update, Turnbull is giving the Liberal numbskulls who are continuously destabilising the party one last chance to fall into line or face the music over the ETS.

  6. Update, Update, Update, crazy uncle wishes to be taken seriously. But serious how can anyone take him seriously if he is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  7. Alice, there is only one crazy uncle in parliament and that is not Abbott. But whilst we are on the topic Turnbull has just gone on record calling the numbskulls a bunch of ‘anonymous smart-arses’. It would be a big loss if Turnbull turned his back on a promising career because some individuals who live in live in cloud cuckoo land are not willing to change with the times.

  8. Update, Update, Update, the lastest survey of nine Midwest states produced a 56.2 economic index in September up from August’s 48.4 suggesting economic conditions are on the improve and any score above 50 suggests economic growth in the next three to six months is on the upper.

  9. Yes Rationalist, it does look good for the USA especially if exports continues to grow on top of the $127.6 billion in July up from $124.9 billion in June.

  10. Update, Update, Update, Newmont Mining Corporation gives the thumbs up for Rudd’s ETS and is at odds with the Australian Minerals Council.

  11. @Michael of Summer Hill
    Moshie – I hate to deflate you but your ecoomic stats are garbage from garbage media. Welcome to the dead cat bounce. Nothing is fixed while ever unemployment is riding higher than ever Moshie. Dont get sucked into Goldman;s vortex.

  12. Abott is not a crazy uncle? He surely is and always has been Moshie. He is a warmonger – or how soon do you forget?? A so called Christian war monger. Nothong less, nothing more…wrong on that and what else is he wrong on ..alnmost everything. A major Howard shoe shine boy who should be gone, along with Howard. I really cant see why the obnoxious little…..*****…is still with us. Worse, far worse than what he called Gillard.

  13. Alice, I have no idea what you are talking about but the stats I have used today come from reliable sources.

  14. Moshie – what stats from where? And Moshie – how do you explain away (which I am sure you will) the stink surrounding Haddad, the planning department under the perpetually facially frozen Kristien Keneally, the murk of the Medici brothers and their little paid helper Graham Richo who has been associated with, by now a number of NSW labor stinks??? (and private sector stinks)??

    Moshie… if you are still there saying thumbs up Rees – you are worse than any lunatic right wing element on this site and I mean that!!

    Moshie – NSW labor isnt worth your efforts which I am sure are good hearted. You need to change Moshie. Dont vote left or right. Get out of helping the serially entrenched rorters. Vote green Moshie or vote inbdependent. Help the state of NSW – not these losers and cheats. Both sides are a waste (labor and liberal in NSW) of a vote (and if you are in NSW labor working for them…get yourself out of it Moshie – waste of time).

  15. Alice, for starters the lastest IMF report predicts the US economy will grow by 1.9 percent during the fourth quarter, and as for the survey results they are from Creighton University’s monthly review and the export data comes from US government department. As for corrupt practices, if anyone has evidence implicating any public official then send it to ICAC. Thumbs up rees.

  16. @Michael of Summer Hill
    The entire planning department of the NSW State Labor govt is corrupt Moshie and has been for years. Donations up is what its all about. The rest is spin and they WILL get voted out Moshie – may as well not waste your vote.

  17. Alice, the media has been on Rees back for some time and if anyone is wasting their time it has been the few jounalists who continuously get their facts wrong. As for the Opposition, come next year they will fall in a heap for they have nothing substantial to offer other than rhetoric. Thumbs up Rees.

  18. Moshie – you are hallucinating. The people of NSW now HATE MSW labor and Ill put $100 on the table now between you and me Moshie that they will be SWEPT OUT. Put your money where your mouth is MOSHIE. Rees or any of them dont have a chance. Not a chance.

  19. The last female conservative that had anyuthing half way decent to offer was Flo Bjeke Peterson who could at least make pumpkin scones.

  20. @Alice
    Interestingly, good looking, conservative and capable female politicians are quite intimidating to those on the left.

  21. No Alice, I don’t wish to take your money but unless the Premier screws up badly I cannot see him losing. Thumbs up Rees.

  22. Rationalist, I think you would get along well with my long lost cousin Ardi.

  23. Rationalist, reading the above posts it seems that you like good looking women.

  24. Rationalist, from what I can gather Professor White thinks Ardi is highly intelligent, very liberal, loves hanging around and a bit hairy chested.

  25. Alice, from what I know Bronwyn Bishop would lose a popularity contest with Ardi.

  26. Update, Update, Update, the Coalition must decide once and for all whether to move with the times and back Turnbull or disintegrate. There is no alternative.

  27. TerjeP (say tay-a), what is at stake are the current cards on the table and not what maybe. And if Rudd opts for an early elections then given the latest polling on climate change (translated Australia-wide) the Coalition will be routed or is it rooted.

  28. TerjeP (say tay-a), today the media continues to be anti-Turnbull suggesting he is a hot head, lacks judgement, etc. But if one looks at the facts, the Liberal Party knew all along what Turnbull stood for and his position on climate change. Turnbull knows that if he does not negotiate with Labor over the ETS disaster looms and is trying to minimise the damage. And I’m buggered if I know how anyone can say he is a hot head or lacks judgement considering he is not the one living in cloud cuckoo land.

  29. Moshie…this Ardi? professor White may think she is a liberal female and I can see why. Ardi was a bit primitive.
    “Ardi”, a hominid who lived 4.4 million years ago in what is now Ethiopia. The 49.9 kilograms, 1.2-metre female roamed forests a million years before the famous Lucy, long studied as the earliest skeleton of a human ancestor.
    Ardi’s hand and wrist were a mix of primitive traits and a few new ones, but they don’t include the hallmark traits of the modern tree-hanging, knuckle-walking chimps and gorillas…. she lacked the anatomical features that allow modern-day African apes to swing, hang and easily move through the trees.”

    She was reasonably thin. I think I agree with Prof White.

  30. Amongst the female conservative ‘freemarketers’ (F-R-E-E, M-A-R, …), at least Thatcher believed in climate change and thought something needed to be done about it back in 1990. I suppose her initial training had something to do with that. Perhaps the bigest ‘freemarketer’ anthropogenic climate change denier currently is the Czeck Republic President Václav Klaus http://www.hrad.cz/en/president-of-the-cr/current-president-of-the-cr-vaclav-klaus/selected-speeches-and-interviews/5592.shtml Whether or not he is more atractive than ‘Ardi’, he probably qualifies as more of a knuckle dragger.

  31. You should be Freelander, imagine comparing Ardi to someone like that. Anyway Ardi is more in tune with the Libertarians.

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