4 thoughts on “Disasters in Asia

  1. Cheers for the link.

    The amount of energy released during an earthquake is phenomenal, likewise with the energy stored in a tsunami.

    Absolutely insane, and tragic.

  2. I heard today of three men surfing who noticed the tide receding and had the good sense to paddle madly out to sea as fsat as they could. Apparently they negotiated three enormously huge waves but made it and the Tsunami passed them by. I am assured by some Northern Beaches people this is not an urban myth.

  3. @Alice
    It makes sense since the amplitude of a tsunami over open ocean is quite small but as it runs against land or a continental shelf the amplitude is magnified significantly. Also I suppose, a tsunami is probably easier to tackle at sea, absent from water borne missiles and buildings, especially if you have a floaty device like a surfboard.

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