3 thoughts on “Buying the Grand Final

  1. Never mind the rugby league Grand Final or even the car races. They are small potatoes. Kevin Rudd is spending $45 million trying to buy the soccer World Cup in 2018 or 2022. If he is successful, the amount that will be spent hosting it will be a large multiple of that.

  2. All these events are pointless consumption exercises. Governments should never invest a bean in any of them. If private enterprise can organise them and make a profit out of them then good luck to private enterprise.

    Same thing goes for tourism. Let private enterprise make it work without a cent of subisdy from the government. I’m all for letting the market decide when it’s merely an indulgent exercise in over-consumption.

  3. @Ikonoclast
    Isnt it a bit tragic when the pollies are so desperate for tourism to save them? Isnt it the last refuge of countries with not much else to offer by way of internally generative production??

    Please come here…we have a great race on. Be better spending that money solving the traffic congestion problems in our cities, creating jobs and generating some real activity instead of a couple of weeks trickle of hotel revenue.

    But hey – they must get to open it and wear a soccer jersy and a shot or two beaming behind the singer of “Advance Australia Fair” (or should that be “Advance Australia? Where?”).

    What next? The worlds biggest BBQ?? I shouldnt have said that – Rees will close the Harbour Bridge again. See a snag anyone..?

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