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For the past few days, I’ve been mostly focused on a statement on climate change and the Great Barrier Reef, made by a group of scientists (+ me as an economist) organised by the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Scientists, and called, not suprisingly, the FASTS Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Alliance. I’ve put the media release, issued on Tuesday, over the fold. There’s more on the web page including a link to a very valuable document entitled “When is Science Valid?”.

Great Barrier Reef: 50 per cent chance of survival

Today an unprecedented Alliance of Australia’s top reef and climate scientists will tell law makers that the GBR has a 50/50 chance of survival if global emissions aren’t cut by at least 25 per cent by 2020.

And by 2050, emissions would have to decline by up to 90 percent below 2000 levels.

Members of the FASTS GBR Climate Change Alliance will drive home the message that action to cut emissions is required immediately in Australia and across the globe.

FASTS’ President, Professor Ken Baldwin said: “This is our Great Barrier Reef. If Australia doesn’t show leadership by reducing emissions to save the Reef, who will?

“Scientists are leading the charge because the evidence cannot be ignored to the detriment of future generations of Australians”.
The scientific evidence sends a strong signal to decision makers that leadership and concerted global action is required to save the GBR.

Alliance members will remind parliamentarians that more than 100 nations have endorsed the goal of limiting average global warming to no more than 2oC above preindustrial temperatures. Many environments including coral reefs would be under considerable risk even with this warming scenario.

“Coral reefs are in the frontline of the effects of climate change. The ‘outstanding universal values’ of the GBR have already been altered by rapid climate change.” Professor Baldwin said.

Each year, the GBR contributes $5.4 billion to the Australian economy. The economic, environmental, cultural and social value of the GBR cannot be underestimated.

The FASTS GBR Climate Change Alliance consists of 13 internationally respected and leading Australian researchers. The Alliance’s statement to parliamentarians and FASTS’ document When is Science Valid? are available at:
Canberra, 17 November 2009

32 thoughts on “GBR Alliance

  1. JQ – you get a less than supportive mention in the editorial of The Australian today. I’m inclined to agree with their sentiments.

  2. Oh my non-existent God! The Mad Monk is a creationist lite (intelligent design) supporter? We will really be in trouble if the Pelliban takes over. But would the electorate ever vote for the institution of ecclesiastical law. I am sure the Pelliban would like to see a re-intitution of inquistion ‘harsh’ interogation techniques for some of us heretics.

  3. @John Quiggin
    Take it as the snark it is JQ.

    Freelander – not only that Tony Abbott would encourage back street abortions of his intelligent designs by denying a mothers right to choose not to add to the problem of human overpopulation. Put the Monk back in the dark ages where he belongs. He is not a very intelligent example of a good christian in my opinion. In fact I dont like the way he treats women. They could have had access to that pill by now if it wasnt for him but no, lets have some back street butchery to keep those women in line shall we?

    Tony Abbott can go somewhere where they are interested in their own narcissitic power and not whats best for humanity (he wouldnt get membership in that club). Who does he think he is that he can stop safe effective non invasive abortion and a woman’s right to choose it?

  4. Pelliban has been trying to take over for years. LOL…Pelli thinks he is pretty important for a hired conservative priestly loudspeaker.

    reminds me of an old saying of my mum’s “so damn heavenly no earthly good.”

  5. I missed this the other week, but it seems Victoria doesn’t want to miss out on the Aussie coal export bonanza!

    Coral reef scientist slams Brumby over ‘reckless vandalism’

    One of the world’s leading coral reef scientists has slammed the Brumby Government’s proposal to export Victoria’s brown coal to India as “reckless vandalism”.

    John “Charlie” Veron, who discovered a quarter of the world’s identified coral species, said any move to export the state’s vast reserves of brown coal would only further endanger the Great Barrier Reef.

    “It’s reckless vandalism. Brown coal would have to be the dirtiest, nastiest form of energy there is. It is absolutely essential that it remains in the ground. That is obvious,” he told The Age.

    Brumby has a point. How does Victoria benefit from the Barrier Reef? Why are the Banana Benders allowed to export coal but not the Vics?

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