11 thoughts on “Debate

  1. Sweeeet. I’ll be listening. Good Luck. Oops damn I missed it. Hopefully its recorded somewhere.

  2. It was clear that the interviewer didn’t understand the topic. To be fair, even after reading your blog, the open letter, and listening to the mini-debate just now, I’m still having some trouble understanding the interest savings argument.

    Though she gave you almost no time to put a case, which was disappointing.

  3. IMO, ABC 612 is gossip radio and that’s about all. Its presenters are very poor. They rarely have even a basic understanding of the interview topics. Several of them hum and hah and stumble and stutter so badly they are painful to listen to. It’s very unprofessional. Excess attention is paid to personality politics and too little attention to substantive issues.

    Richard Fidler deserves an exemption from this judgement. He is quite good. Mark Colvin can present well but his topic choice is getting dull and repetitive.

    We certainly need an ABC. Maybe this is what we get when the ABC is under-funded. They need more money and a shake up.

  4. Ike, all part of the dumbing down, another policy publically execrated but surreptitiously snapped up by the new government.

  5. Is this podcasted or able to be downloaded from anywhere? Am following this story from London and couldn’t listen to the debate.

  6. Ikonoclast :Richard Fidler deserves an exemption from this judgement. He is quite good.

    Agreed… His daily podcasts are a great way to listen to a bit of home from over in the UK!

  7. By my my timing, It was only a five minute debate and that was within the existing “Party Games” time slot on Friday Morning in which the Treasurer debates the Opposition Treasary Spokesman , Tim Nicholls.

    Professor Quiggin, did Madonna King tell you why she backed away from her commitment to host a proper debate? Is it her intention to hold a proper debate in future?

    If not, then, on the face of it Megan’s disbelief that Madonna King had changed her spots seems to have been shown to have been well founded.

    Still, if she had done what she had undertaken to do, it would have been a significant step forward for democracy and accountability in this state.

    As far as the debate went it was good, but even by Madonna King’s own admission the five minutes of debare was nowhere near long enough.

    She said “well, people are just going to go on disagreeing about this.”

    I beg to differ. The case against privatisation is open and shut. If sufficient time had been allowed for Professer John Quiggin to put is case, it would have become too obvious even for Andrew Fraser to deny.

    No doubt Fraser would have concluded his part in such a debate by continuing to insist that Black is White, but he would have had absolutely no credibility left amongst anyone listening capable of understanding the argument.

    Grame Bird, there appears to be no recording on the Morning Show Page.

    Maybe we should both contact the ABC and ask them to make it available.

  8. I had my own debate of sorts today with Andrew Fraser at a 15 minute interview during the Community Cabinet consultation at Forest Lakes High School. It didn’t go quite the way I had planned it mentally, but I still think it was a very worthwhile exercise. It was all filmed and will be published on YouTube.

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