Dealing with the Greens

The ETS has been rejected, and the government has announced it will come back for a third try, adopting the failed deal with Malcolm Turnbull as its new policy. In short-run political terms, there are some obvious benefits here.
Clearly, a crucial consideration is that the government does not want to negotiate with the Greens and would much prefer a deal with the Liberals. But if they are looking at three or four terms in office (and they should be) they will have little choice but to make such deals.

And, even if they don’t care about having an ETS that is decent in environmental terms, the government could save billions of dollars that is currently being handed over to ungrateful political enemies.
I hope this bill is rejected once again, and that the government finally bites the bullet for a double dissolution.

105 thoughts on “Dealing with the Greens

  1. Alice, KK is a sinister person, someone who got into Parliament mostly because of her ALP husband and his mate Tripodi and their perceived need to have a reliable woman run against and win the seat formerly held by Deirdre Grusovin, the sister of Laurie Brereton.

    KK has been shown and exposed by the media in recent months to be borderline corrupt as Planning Minister, clearly in the pocket of developers. Like Frank Sartor she laughs at and is contemptuous of the whole notion of NSW’s cultural and historic heritage.

    She’s the epitome of the nihilism and power for its own sake obsession of the ALP today, certainly at a state level.

    A very sad day for the people of NSW and the body politic.

  2. “that’s a sellers market for the land. ”
    and that’s as naive a comment as has ever been seen here. Have you never heard the word resumption? The attraction of nuclear has nothing to do with economics, it is about maximising political power by control of centralised large scale forms of production. Why do you think pollies on all sides find it so attractive despite all rationality. Pollies like big shiny things that they control.

  3. @Alicia
    I must confess Alicia – I just dont like the look of her. She even looks like a puppet!! A la Barbie style (ooohh catty ..but just something very plastic about Kristina). I dont like the real estate developer business and you tell me how someone can run a ministry where they are doing deals with people in coffee shops and the minister doesnt know, and next minute she is premier of NSW? Something not quite right in politics – I think its the right of Labor that is the real problem here. Its like a vote for the Joseph “Joe Bananas” Bonanno party (wiki that one!).

    Says a lot about how low NSW Labor is…just when I was getting ready to say “thumbs up Rees” for knifing Tripodi, he (Tripodi) and the mates state is back in full force and look out.. they are…..baaaaaccckkkk. Scary.

    Bring on the election and fast. Not that it will make much difference if libs get in, which they will. Green shoots is what we need for evidence that recover is underway.

  4. @Graeme Bird
    Oh come on Graeme – you totally ignored workchoice V2 on top of the abortion pill ban. That affects a lot of women seeing as we have more in lower deciles than men. Dont give me this nonsense “the guy makes one mistake upi should forgive him”. Rubbish. Apart from being an extremist on lots of other things, he is in to repressing women or at least the great majority of his policies do exactly that.

    He knows what he doing. He is a Rhodes scholar for gods sake. He seeks to deliberately unwind feminism and take us backward even though the gender gap is still there, we are way behind on super, we battle with childcare and career progression.

    Phooey Abbot doesnt know what he is doing (absolute phooey)…that is, putting the boot into women quite deliberately – not making “an odd mistake here and there” in his policies with regard to women.

    Women are fools if they vote for him. Absolute fools. He is a relic from the dark ages. You may be prepared to forgive but Im not.

    He was also a vicious little warmonger.

  5. I get moderated once a week and its happened again. Watch for my reply Graeme. As if women should forgive Abbott…as if. As if he isnt aware how he unwinds feminism…

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