56 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. Freelander – the Howard government was looking at filtering but it wasn’t going to be mandatory. And the Liberals have demonstrated a willingness to oppose things in opposition that they supported in government. The point of lots of people ringing the office of Tony Abbott is to give him an excuse to oppose this in the senate.

  2. @TerjeP (say tay-a)
    I dont think it will be necessary for anyone to phone Tony Abbott on this Terje. “Oppose everything” is the default position of the libs Terje and so far they are still on default auto pilot.

  3. Alice, almost missed those shrewd comments of yours back in the mid forties of this thread.
    Particularly the one about Abbot “clearly” not even “trying to educate himself on climate change”- even to the extent of not even reading his ally Plimer’s protracted alibiing of the indefensible.
    A true reactionary and a fellow deserving of the most severe kick up the butt, as with all the other so-called “contrarians” who just want to make trouble for trouble’s sake, regardless of harm done to themselves actually also, as much as to others.

  4. Now, in the meantime, the conversation betwen Terje and Alice concerning filtering. I hope the naff you are both right on this, that for once contrarianism can produce a zero sum result, let alone win-win, instead of another repressive catastrophe

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