Back on air

The blog has been patchy for some time, and down altogether for several days. I’ve installed the WP Supercache plug in on the advice of my hosting service. I’d appreciate any feedback (+ve or -ve) on whether people are still having problems getting to the page and any suggestions from WordPress experts on other possible measurs.

11 thoughts on “Back on air

  1. Unfortunately , when problems arise you do not get a meaningful error message.

    Anyway it was good to see the odious Windschuttle getting another pasting in the media recently.

    Given that it was the Australian (on Tuesday?), this marks a significant consensus about the value of his propaganda.

  2. Then there was the Ian Plimer vs George Monbiot on the ABC Lateline, in which Plimer refused to answer straightforward questions except by way of changing the topic or railing against Monbiot’s lack of climate science credentials or whatever. Whatever Plimer hoped to achieve by behaving like that, and so transparently at that, I don’t know. It was like “La La la, I can’t hear you.”

  3. John, it is taking for ever to submit comments and occasionally I am also getting a message stating that the browser cannot find the server after the comment has been submitted.

  4. Hmm, I think we have a problem. The caching plugin says it doesn’t work when posting comments, but obviously those are the only people who are going to tell me about performance.

  5. Welcome back John 🙂

    I received an Internal Server Error, asking me to report to, which I did. They were a little surprised …

    All’s well now!

  6. @paul walter
    Paul – at least once or twice I reckon in my short time here……thats why we should always give JQ spam / danger alerts when we see one of those critters with the garbage links that get posted here….

  7. Sorry Alice, I tend to ignore the linx offered by trolls, I learnt the hard way years ago. If you get directed to a Donald Duck comic, you can consider yourself fortunate. They do it to have you offline on wild goose chases, while they fasten on to the next victim at the site you’ve just been to.

  8. Mind you, on a quick detour to “Catalepsy”early tonite, it seems they are having trouble with their system ,too.

  9. Four mornings in a row..No JQ. It’s unsettling to my routine scan of the world. It’s like the “dead air” you get on the ABC every so often. I have to keep listening to nothing to check when it comes back on.

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