Last of the Mohicans/Singing the same old song

For me the big change that came with the last decade was blogging. I started in 2002, and it’s been a big part of my life (sometimes too big) ever since. So, when it came to review the decade, the obvious place to look was the Wayback Machine, which captured my old blogspot blog on 27 July 2002. Looking at the blog as it was then, two things jump out at me

* Looking at the blogroll, I feel like the last of the Mohicans. The bloggers of those days have nearly all retired, and almost no-one runs a solo blog like this one anymore.

* I’m singing the same song now as I was all those years ago. The top post on the page is about how the financial crisis has discredited the efficient markets hypothesis, trickle down economics, privatisation and so on. Of course that was the dotcom financial crisis of 2000-01. I think a few more people are paying attention this time around, but we will have to wait and see.

33 thoughts on “Last of the Mohicans/Singing the same old song

  1. @Fran Barlow
    I particularly liked this comment by one of the bloggers when we have all been so overexposed to the politics of hate a division that both Miranda De (withered old)Vine and Janet “Allwrecktsen” have been peddling for years….

    “The likes of Miranda Devine and Janet Albrechtson are loathsome. What infuriates me is that in addition to advocating hateful agendas, they also, with breathtaking hypocrisy, masquerade as arbiters of civility in public discourse.”


  2. Yes, it was amazing stuff.
    Must be very frustrating for Quiggin and co, who can read the signs and are then are ignored and brushed aside by grubs acting for vested interests.
    Thought the snippett about Clintonomics, Rubin and Volcker was facinating.
    I presume some of you are talking about the Defined Miranda’s particularly amusing comments about the movie Avatar as socialist plot.
    Couldn’t stop laughing!
    Time she put the bong away, now xmass is over!
    But yes, “Song Remains the Same”, to quote an old rock song title.

  3. @Freelander

    You beat me to it, Freelander! I was going to make note of the Australian’s outsourcing deal to IPA and CIS as well. Unbelievable just how many articles per week come from those two organisations directly; then there is all of the indirect stuff. Weevils in the flour.

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