Anonymous comment safe again

I did a couple of interviews earlier this week on South Australian legislation banning anonymous blog comment on the forthcoming election. The same idea came up at the Commonwealth level after the last election and I testified against it at the Parliamentary inquiry – they decided not to go ahead. This time around, the result has been the same. Facing a storm of protest, the SA government has backed down.

5 thoughts on “Anonymous comment safe again

  1. It is somewhat outrageous that the idea of a ban got legs in the first place. What is wrong with these people.

  2. How do they really think they are going to achieve it? How could they stop anonymous comments outside their borders? Or are they going to put up a fortress firewall around their state?

  3. There must be a message for Stephen Conroy from Michael Atkinson in all of this. There was no opposition until actual implementation was imminent, then all hell broke loose. Why do some politicians feel the need to dictate to others?

  4. Michael Atkinson is the worst sort of dill, and very used to dictating to other, in fact he’s dictated to all of Australia for several years now over games ratings. With only a little luck he’ll be out on his arse soon.

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