Weekend reflections

It’s time again for weekend reflections, which makes space for longer than usual comments on any topic. Civilised discussion and no coarse language please.

87 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. @Ernestine Gross

    OK, but I think you will find the literature since the 1950’s very convoluted, and confusing, as the artificial economic circumstances in the West (now unravelling), led to artificial discourse in Western economic and Marxist arenas.

    The theoretical developments since the 1950’s have not been useful as they have been tainted by Western motives infused by post-war global economic reorganisation.

    Although, outside the West, Edvard Kardelj’s work needs greater recognition.

  2. Update, Update, Update, Opposition leader Tony Abbott lashes out at his opponents for telling the gospel truth about him telling porkies. But Abbott can only blame himself for misleading the Australian public and is not fit to lead the Opposition let alone becoming Prime Minister and should resign immediately.

  3. @Michael of Summer Hill
    I knew it Moshie. AAA rated Anthony Alphonse Abbott just isnt any good without his….knife… (to be used against his dissenters in the liberal party). It would be anyone’s fault but his. He is a bit like John Ibrahim only his cross is worn by other ex liberals.

  4. Alice, Abbott is finished for he has no credibility and should have known better than deliberately mislead the Australian public.

  5. Let’s hope young Tony holds on ’till the election. But knowing the liberal party they may well roll the dice again before November. Either way, it is starting to look increasingly like they will be rolling the dice post-November.

  6. Update, Update, Update, after reading Turnbull’s speech at the NSW Bar Association seminar in Sydney yesterday, I am of the opinion that the Liberal’s made the wrong decision in ousting Turnbull from the leadership. Furthermore, many are wondering as to why I keep siding with the man. Well the answer is simple, the Liberal’s need strong leadership and someone who knows what he/she is talking about and not some gibberish bulldust.

  7. Alice, last week Tony Abbott promised Joe Hockey’s reply to the Budget would outline the promised savings in his speech to the National Press Club but today the bear could only promise $46 billion savings without providing any details. What a fiasco.

  8. Alice, it seems today Joe Hockey dug his own grave for in his reply to last week’s Budget he not only failed to provide any specifics but no costings as well and is not fit to be Shadow Treasurer. And to top it off he is just as incompetent as Tony Abbott. What a fiasco.

  9. Update, Update, Update, it seems the temperature is rising and the climate is changing within the Coalition as they descend into chaos for yesterday not only was Joe Hockey dodging the media, but as Phillip Coorey says Andrew Robb released 42 ‘dodgy accounting’ measures in Coalition’s $46.7 billion fantasy ”savings” Budget reply. What a fiasco.

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