83 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Fine with me PrQ. Now that the initial vicious slur has been refuted and its etiology established, we can and should move on.

  2. My first blog for today

    It seems these politcal Sites purpose is abused as a front for zealot Christan-hating Athiests to blog , and whose sole claim to infamy is intolerant slur posts attacking religon

    How shalow , a branch of Athiest religion which solely beleives in no religion sort of a “Claytons religion” & needs to vent its hate

    I supose given per latest Polls 81% of aussies say tyhery’re culturaly religious , and a further 8% hav no opinion either way , it leaves remaining 11% feeling impotent , and so i guess there frustration at there irlevanse is vented in blogs

    Amusing that this pitiful branch of Athiesm is usualy th fringe left liberal progresives Grouping… Yet th stark contradiction is they claim to be ‘left’ , but concurently display lack of toleranse and then furthermore happily vilify (yet claim vilifying aginst othr Groups is indecent)

    Michael of Summer Hill #49

    Libs Assylum Agenda
    “Ron, I am only querying Tony Abbott’s convictions and not those of others”.

    Michael I do not query his convictons at all Tony Abbotts Assylum polisy and indeed that of majority Lib Party MHR’s in total , is obviously not influencd one iota that some ar religious and a few ar Athiests

    This Lib polisy simply reflects a combination of 1/ consevative Lib beliefs for oz security & harmony that far more harm than good will happen unless tough deterent measures ar taken to stop a ‘flood’ , and 2/ polital benefits in holding there votin base plus gaining swing voters thru scaring them/appeal to prejudise

    Now point 1/ Lib beliefs is ALSO adopted over many Lib polisy areas so no suprise
    Whereas Labors polisy on Assylum as with many Labor polisy areas from Taxation shares to IR Workchoises to Schools to Hospitals etc conflicts because it is influenced by sosial equity , humane , and a non privilege fair go

    I am not sure as a rsult whether my judgement of Abbott & Libs Party ‘convictions’ for there indecent assylum seeker polisy is more or equaly harsh as yours seeimg ypu question th ‘convictions’ whereas I dont question th convictons but dont like th ‘convictions’ philosphy core logic

  3. Oops sorry JQ – Im not responsible for this ugliness here (not me this time) but I posted two posts on the one thread heading in one day on the early retirement thing. So sorry.

  4. Fran Barlow & Freelander, I now ask you to provide primary evidence whereby the Italian State has refuted Archbishop Luigi De Magistris claim.

  5. Update, Update, Update, the Rudd government will be pleased to hear Australia has recorded the first trade surplus in 13 months whereby exports jumped by 11 per cent in April and positive contribution tothe trade balance of goods and services surplus worth $134 million.

  6. Update, Update, Update, according to the latest reports Petro Giorgiou ripped into the neo-conservatives arguing that “The emergence of the pernicious influence of Hansonism stirred racial prejudice; multiculturalism, one of Australia’s exceptional accomplishments, was denigrated; asylum seekers were subjected to increasingly harsh measures. Our civil liberties came under challenge after September 11, and the proud Australian tradition of inclusive citizenship was, without sound justification, reversed’. Thumbs up Petro.

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