With various commitments, I’ve been finding increasingly difficult to post to the blog, moderate the comments section and so on. Unfortunately, my commitments are only going to increase over the next few months, so I’ve decided to take a three-month hiatus, until early September. According to my current plans, I should have plenty of free time to return, refreshed and ready for more by then. No doubt things will turn up to derail those plans, but hopefully I will still be less busy than I am now.

47 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Go for it Freelander – Id second you and Salient and Don is …good. This is truly a horrible state of affairs – the JQ website down. I cant face going back to being a Murdoch news zombie addict.

  2. In all seriousness, I think Ernestine is a good suggestion for a moderator — that is, if Ernestine were willing, and JQ did wish to delegate moderating to someone during his hiatus.

  3. I go with other comments JQ, it would be a great shame to lose continuity and I would hope you can see your way to a ‘caretaker’ assuming the job meantime. We won’t give him/her a hard time. All care and no responsibility might be the call.

  4. We actually cant promise we wont give the moderator a hard time JQ – given we try the patience of Job even (even JQ) at times. But of Ernestine could just see the way clear and had a handy delete button Im sure we sould keep going with some thread topic donators?

  5. You’ve decided to rest your brains for 3-months and hope the world will be better in 3-months. You may be off cyber space, it is unlikely that you would be granted peace by our young Prime Minister. He will give you plenty of food for thought….junk food may be, but food nonetheless.
    May your mind be at peace.

  6. FTR … I see no reason for anyone apart from PrQ to moderate … deleting posts doesn’t take that much time.

    If I were to propose someone for the role it would be Donald Oats, who seems an admirable, intelligent, fairminded and softly spoken fellow. Plainly, he doesn’t agree with everything I say and clearly doesn’t share my view on TOUT but I’d trust him to do the right thing.

  7. @robert (not from UK)
    I think people’s… what JQ means is that hiatus means total holiday (perish the thought). He clearly cant let the blog run untended – half of catalyx and other rather crude delusionists would be in here causing mayhem…I dont want to break the bad news to you all but I think JQ is snowed under (keep digging Prof) and we will just have to read the Murdoch biased news and quietly fume for three months (by which time we could all be zombies).

  8. Have a good break, Prof Q. Perhaps by the time you return there will be the results of a federal election to unpick.

  9. John, the cover of you book is terrible…I hope you will find some time to have it changed before you come back!

  10. Re: the cover. I think its quite fun. If it gets more people to read the book then that’s a good thing.

  11. I actually like the cover.

    I really liked Michael Moore wrapping Wall Street and the large banks like Goldman…in crime scene tape too….I really laughed.

    No JQ – I like the cover – the greedy banks – the trickle down that impoverished the middle classes in once dynamic and healthy industrialised nations (the blood trickling down) –
    the spin, the tax cuts for the wealthy, the deregulation, the hype, the lies.

    Im over it. I want my country back and governments back who can really govern and not just subcontract and rip off my taxes, governments who are not allowed to do PPS deal for kickbacks, ministers who arent rorting the public purse doing deals with mates, a private sector that knows it cant buy concessions from political parties, oh and couple of new train tracks and roads.

    I think Ill be waiting a while…but the disillusionment is here and throbbing already. Everyone wants B O’Farrell to get the infrastrucrure rolling in NSW, small and large business alike …….except his own paltry party. I actually feel sorry for Bazza. If he fails …it wont be his fault. It will be the fault of his party colleagues.

  12. Do you know what *I’d like to see?
    I’d like to see Prof Quiggin representing, maybe even one day leading the Greens in government.

  13. I’m only a Newbie, currently doing my BA with Griffith, Internet Communications

    Developing a news and everything blog, Australian current affairs are my main interest, doesn’t need to be political. Irreverent comment most welcome. :]

    Kind Regards

  14. @Keith Harding
    Keith – how do you actually find any Australian current affairs in any news these days (digital downloads and all that – I mean arent we more likely to hear about Afghani insurgencies and bomb blasts – yet a week or so ago the CFMEU headuqarters was bombed – Murdoch news – nothing at all). Instead we heard yet more about how Rudd is sinking.

    You see this is tactical Murdoch – he allowed the honeymoon period for Rudd and gave him an easy ride, but now he attacks him like a rattlesnake. Murdoch wants a conservative in, even if it is that idiot Tony Abbot and now he is dong his damndest to sink Rudd before the next election.

    Classic right wing media in this country. Classic political Murdoch. It stinks. He stinks. BTW – Im not left – and Im not right – its called giving the pm a fair go to do what he wants to do. Instead we get this conservative old man ultra conservative media controller thinking he can put in power who he likes, because he controls the media. This sucks.

  15. John, I’ll be interested in seeing your thoughts on Australian microeconomic reforms in the last 30 yrs in your book.

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