Creationists hijack lessons and teach schoolkids man and dinosaurs walked together

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It’s hard to know what is most deplorable about this story, so I’ll leave it to readers to choose what they deplore most. For me, I think the comments from an Education Queensland[1] official supporting the teaching of creationism

fn1. BTW, what’s with the reversal of English word order that has become the norm in bureaucracies these days? Not a good example for an education department (or Department Education I guess) to set.

31 thoughts on “Creationists hijack lessons and teach schoolkids man and dinosaurs walked together

  1. Oh Greg, not”self hating jew”, no. twenty two in the manual (reworked).
    Now, which “victims” am I blaming, you silly fellow!?

  2. @TerjeP (say tay-a)
    LOL Terje – now I know where the devil got hold of you – it was in music lessons. That poor woman. How many of us were cruel to the teachers as kids? – fess up. I had a deputy headmaster who’s nickname was bumchin which aptly described the enormous cleft in his enormous chin.

  3. My Dad was president of the P&C at my first primary school and I recall him being very vocally opposed to the cane. He said teachers had no business hitting students and that if we ever got the cane we would get a kick up the bumb from him but the teacher would get an ear full also. I never did get the cane. Looking back I think Dad was a bit heroic because a lot of parents complained that kids were not being disciplined enough. Dad would fire back that if the kids were not disciplined it was the parent that needed examining not the teacher. I think he was spot on.

  4. in fourth grade in the early 90s at a POS tiny catholic primary school in south brisbane one teacher would spend hours every week telling us about how difficult it was to avoid spending eternity in hell – where most people ended up – and try to get us to imagine what an eternity in hell would actually be like. not quite “portrait of the artist as a young man” vivid but enough to give me nightmares where God would tell me that on my current behavior I was on track for an eternity in hell and so was my whole family. Also enough to cure me of religion shortly afterwards (how could God be such a bastard?) which tends to be the main benefit of any catholic education

  5. There was a lovely scene on The Simpsons this week where Homer was watching a meteor shower with Lisa and he says something like “this is so beautiful, I just wish God was still alive to see it”. It cracked me up.

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