The miracle of democracy?

There seems to be a significant chance that the election will produce a Labor government depending on Green votes in the Reps to provide a lead over the Coalition, and in the Senate to pass legislation. I find it hard to believe that the process we’ve just been through could produce such an outcome, not only matching my preferences but reflecting those expressed by the majority of voters, but that’s what some of the papers are saying is likely. We’ll just have to wait and see.

191 thoughts on “The miracle of democracy?

  1. @Fran Barlow

    So they support the mining tax (a Green favored policy I presume) by preferring a Liberal government?

    They probably didn’t think they were supporting a Liberal government. They probably thought Bevis would be returned despite their vote

    So they’re idiots. Good to know that the outcome of this election is determined by idiots.

  2. Alice, now it is a numbers game and I’m sure Wilkie knows what he is doing. As for Abbott, well he has proven over and over again that he cannot be trusted even when he is telling the truth which is not often.

  3. @Jim Rose

    greens would be the typical expressive voter. as such, they pay no attention to whether the policies they support might actually work. expressing support for ideals is more important than actully achieving anything. the warm inner-glow is the same.

    Case in point, they were only interested in allowing their ideologically-pure, gold-plated carbon credits to be used in the proposed emissions trading scheme. Since the Labor Party didn’t agree to be inflexible, the Greens spat the dummy and stuck with their pure ideology that achieved absolutely nothing except being useful fools for the denialists.

  4. @Chris O’Neill
    Yeah well get used to it Jim Rose – even if your favoured (idiot) son Abbott gets in – next July he is going to have to deal with Greens and right now he has to deal with country independents (and nothing makes me happier!!).
    20 seats in the senate is what the Greens got Jim Rose – I hope it makes you feel sick! Im laughing! I think its fantastic.

  5. @Chris O’Neill
    I adddressed this comment to Jim rose above. I dont care for your comment much either Jim Rose. The labor parties ETS was useless. Alomost every commentator noted that.

  6. Re above I meant – I dont care much for your comment either Chris O’Neill. Clearly more of the electorate isnt thinking the Greens are “idiots”. They got the biggest swing.

  7. Alice, I agree. Chris O’Neill’s comments at best are based on ignorance, more likely malice, since the comments are so dishonest.
    Since the election labor has continued to blame others rather than take a good look at itself and that’s reflected in the scape goating knee jerk reaction toward the Greens, rather than commentary that exhibits some sign of self reflexivity.

  8. @paul walter
    Hello -m I couldnt believe it when Penny Wong (usually an inscrutable model of decorum) said “the greens only take votes from Labor”. I mean how party minded is that? Its scary. Labor actually thinks it owns the greens and the “greens are stealing Labor votes”.

    Part of the problem with Labor is that is has moved to the right. The Greens didnt steal Labor votes. Labor abadoned its base. Labor forgot what labor traditionally appealed to. Labor tried to emulate liberals. Labor tried to move away. Labor tried to get all sophisticated and smart and upper middle class (and above). Labor starting consorting with the free market. Labor no longer knows who it is or what it is. It is a party for yuppies and dinks and smart inner city aspirational voters who veer towards liberalism

    IMHO. I dont give a fig why Labor is sitting around crying over their lost votes “that the Greens stole from them”. Ignorance is bliss to them. I think, just like NSW State Labor and the Blind Bligh QLD State Labor – they spend too much time with spin merchants and geeky treasury modellers, modelling pro market BS, they havent got a clue why they are bleeding votes.

    You could call it massively out of touch.

    I hope they fall in that burst water main hole in Moore Park where they belong.

  9. @Alice
    you say “Labor abadoned its base.”

    I agree as the base of the labour party which it has abandoned is the working class. The greens are not a working class party and fares relatively poorly in working class electorates.

  10. Jim Rose – you have this utopic free market view that is so liberal propagandist in approach Im surprised you even consider the fact that Labor has abandoned its base and agree. What would you know about that? Why would you think outside your favoured main party (which is pretty obvious – I doubt youve ever been a swinging voter in your life). Ive voted for both majors in my life, but right now, I like neither of them.

  11. Last two, because there is a likely a global emergency developing, not just with global warming but other forms of environmental degradation at just the time when the earths human population has shot up exponentially towards seven billions of often already suffering humanity .
    The planet and billions of people no longer have the luxury of time to waste sniffing in disdain at one solution or other because its not “private” or “government”.
    A pitiful “correctness” ideology, surely consigned to the bin of zombie ideas.
    What is happening is happening at, the base of all that follows, for pities sake.
    Market or legislative what does it matter.
    Sufficient and necessary, if it works concerning the CORE issue, from this point.
    Baroque nostrums aimed at managing the decline andamintainence of control, of an old elite, must defer to the needs of a world that is for us all..

  12. JR – I voted Green, am not inner city, am low income and voted for them because they are the only party with actual policies on climate change. I don’t regret that they voted against a CPRS that was so devoid of content that big emitters were being given 25 years and 20+billion to not reduce emissions. Limited as my income is I still believe a price on emissions is needed – just like putting money aside for our children’s health and education, the loss of disposable income will not reduce and diminish us. The reality is that the market price for fossil fuel energy does not include anything like the full costs which are going to be heaped on our kids and grandkids with interest; time to quit fossil fuels whilst we are still ahead.

    Do I support every Greens policy? No, but I’ve never fully supported every policy of Labor or Liberal or independent when I’ve voted for them. I suppose it was Tony Windsor that got my preference vote. In some senses mine was a protest vote too – do I really like seeing mainstream politics shy away from an issue this important – or outright deny the existence of the problem? No.

    I really do want to see some consensus politics on climate – in line with the scientific consensus. Will Abbott’s ‘sequestration by changing farming practices’ approach to emissions reductions deliver the minimal 5% reduction? Would he even care if it wasn’t? Given that, by 2010 the targets get much harder will I be happy to see 2 decades of foot dragging turn into 3 and Australia facing them in the 2020’s without the groundwork being done? No. I’m appalled at their weakness and disgusted that distrust and doubt is promoted by any politician for the sake of maintaining the apparent ‘legitimacy’ of climate science denial and the votes that can be swung by supporting it.

    We absolutely need this decade to put in place the foundations for the ongoing transition to low emissions or else see brand new coal and gas plants forced to close once the real world effects of AGW demands the real action that should have already been taken. I don’t believe that, even if energy costs rise, that we will face economic ruin by acting on this but I do believe will almost certainly will if we fail to; only by denial of the science of this issue can the notion that delay is our friend be sustained.

  13. @Alice

    The labor parties ETS was useless. Alomost every commentator noted that.

    That’s just not true. Gittins also points out that “It’s pathetically easy to frighten people about the consequences of complicated economic changes” which is what Abbott did with his “great big new tax” mantra and it’s also pathetically easy to mislead people about the same thing which is what the Greens did. I notice that you completely ignore my point about Greens inflexibility on Carbon credits and just resort to Greens propaganda.

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