The miracle of democracy Part II

Given the election campaign we have endured, the only just outcome is that both sides should lose. Amazingly, this is, more or less, what happened.[1]

fn1. A bit of esprit d’escalier on my part. But thanks to the slowness of counting, I can get my thrust in before it’s too late

115 thoughts on “The miracle of democracy Part II

  1. @paul walter
    Paul – I was thinking if the Prof was paralleling an ABC “balance” policy – I was wondering whether he would give me the “freedom to choose” who to take down with me next time? JR is an abvious choice but there are a couple more who fly low and dirty under the radar!

  2. Oh well the independents are getting interesting now…

    Katter says “Australians are starting to wake up to just how dumb their governments are”. Yep. He wants the tariff barriers raised and the stupidity of the now right wing Fed Labor has just ruled that out.

    That was dumb. Really dumb. Someone needs to get us out of the mess of the free trade agreement before we end up like Canada….(and as Katter says starving in 10 years time).

    As if we dont get enough of the right wing agendas from liberal, we now also get it from State Labors and Fed Labors.

    Quite a lot of good is actually coming out of these negotiations with the independents, like possible real reforms, instead of yet more market reforms – like political donations reform, poker machine reform and more public funding of health and broadband and even putting very fast rail on the agenda…so does it take a hung parliament to make both governments listen and act responsibly instead of playing the boat people issue?

    Can we have a hung parliament again soon without waiting another 7 or 8 decades?

  3. @Andrew Reynolds
    One nation is dead and isnt subscribing.

    Ive already said I think we have gone too far down the “free trade” road..which isnt BTW free but damned expensive especially if some bankrupted unethical private firms who dont deserve to be saved from themselves can launch legal actions under kangaroo courts like the ch 11 of NAFTA, where they hit governments for millions of dollars and which…

    You smarty pants Andy, have to bail out by paying higher taxes (the deficit from a legal action against government).

    This nasty side of free trade, you arent going to like one bit given your penchant for lower taxes…but as usual you free trade people dont/wont even see it coming.

  4. I must say I’m not at all surprised that Alice is a closet supporter of One Nation economic policy.

  5. @Alice

    Bring on proportional representation as solution to the inordinate power of the perceived swinging voter in the marginal electorate, whose attitudes are measured through focus groups, and translated into bogan policies by the major parties that simultaneously offend most of us.

  6. I totally agree Derick. We need to get right away from “the marginal seats get lumpy favourable dispersions of our taxes” mentality of politicians. I dont know how but it needs to happen.

    Message for Terje P. I am only allowed one post/per thread per day. Im on limits and Im nearly at my limit today or I will be posting on threads a year old!

    Yet Terje – you regularly get away with three or four posts a day per thread. Go back and count your posts. Yes I might have overdone it over the hung parliament (blessing in disguise) but you overdo it on a daily basis – since you recovered from a few weeks in embarrassed absentia after your apalling poll results in Benelong.

    Is that because you are a LDP or NLP or something like that and want blog freedoms I dont get…typical of partial libertarians.

    They want the freedom to dicate how and what freedoms the rest of us have. Both you and Jarrah interestingly are the only ones holding me up to the rules of this blog! I suppose you would be exactly the same if your government of choice got in. You object to rules unless the Coalition makes them and you two would be the first to enforce them?

    Hypocritica extraordinaria.

    As you so accuse me of not being able to self moderate Terje – next time Im on limits – Im calling for you to be taken down as well. This is starting to look like a posse of two disgruntleds. It will be worse for both of you tomorrow if the independents go with Labor.

    (go count your own posts per day / thread Terje).

  7. Alice – I don’t moderate this blog. I do moderate at the ALS. You can comment as much as you want at the ALS. In terms of restrictions placed on you by John Quiggin they are up to him. If you breach his rules I don’t care. However I think much of what you say is mindless twaddle so his decision doesn’t surprise me.

  8. @TerjeP
    At the risk of breaching my limits – you are also out of line – yours is a purely personal comment above and you were told to take a week off not so long ago so why dont you keep to the topic thread and get over it.

  9. Alice – I took my week off. However I wasn’t asked to take a week off due to comments of a personal nature. I was asked to take a week off due to my opinions about the behaviour of certain climate researchers. And my comment above is not personal. I’ve stated an opinion regarding your ideas as stated on this blog. I have not said that you are a bad person or cast aspirations about you that can’t possibly be known through a blog encounter. I haven’t called you uncharitable or heartless or cruel. You are probably very kind to children and animals and I have not claimed otherwise. On the other hand you have on occasion stated that I am a selfish white supremisit misogynist.

    You are right however that we have drifted off topic. So I’ll leave it at that.

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