22 thoughts on “Time for the white smoke

  1. If you want consensus democracy, you have to accept that everything is not going to happen at lightening speed. Government formation can take weeks or even months in countries with PR.

  2. I am under the impression that one can’t form a new government until the AEC finishes its job? And Corangamite is still classified as in doubt? (Happy Denison voter)

  3. What’s the rush? I relish this delicious uncertainty. I know, let’s have the Indies say absolutely nothing until parliament meets, and surprise us all with their decision. Maybe they could toss a coin!

  4. I’m almost enjoying the stalemate. It’ll be kind of fun to see what Abbott and Gillard’s respective “reservation prices” will be.

  5. it could be worse, imagine three Stephen Fieldings holding the balance in the lower house!

    Canberra’s village idiot has kommitted to blocking every single piece of legislation if labor retains government – for the few months he has left until he vacates the seat that he won due to Victorian labor preferences.

  6. Stephen Fielding is someone who has no mandate of his own and yet has decided to interpret the non mandate of the people into an anti Labor.

    I don’t mind the way that the government is working currently – quite relaxing after all of the frenetic carrying on leading up to the election.The reflection on our democracy has been good although it is time for making decisions for the three amigos.

  7. Gerard, you might have something there for if Steve Fielding sides with the devil then god knows what he stands for?

  8. I wish they had a “Caretaker Government” option on the ballot. It’s been smooth sailing so far…

    Steve Fielding is just a wrecker, nothing else. If all he has to offer is to vote against everything a Labor government would put up, he is as useful as a two-handled axe. Shakes head…

  9. the strategic sense in which the Independents have sequenced their approach to parliamentary reform is impressive and the result on the speaker looks like it could solve some threshold issues in electing a speaker and getting the parliamentary process going. The combination of the package negotiated by the Independents plus the commitments in the Green package adds up to an interesting agenda of change.

    What’s the hurry, what’s the worry?

    The country is moving along nicely despite the rantings of conservative commentators.

    Patience is indeed a much neglected virtue in these hyperactive times.

  10. Austin, once an election is called the government is dissolved and takes on another role that of ‘caretaker’, so effectively JQ is correct as Ministers can only continue to administer but not make any major policy decisions or appointments until a new government is appointed.

  11. Does anyone here know if there’s been an announcement on when the AEC will close the writs? Parliament has 30 days after that to sit. There may well be an announcement by the independents today, but the fun hasn’t ended until the inevitable no confidence motion is moved (and how often will that happen?)

  12. We can expect the return of writs around 20 September based on previous AEC performance – I think parliament needs to sit within 30 days of the return of writs

  13. Whether Liberal coalition or Labor coalition, Malcolm Turnbull is my favourite for putting a wrecking ball through the Liberal ranks the first moment he smells weakness in Tony Abbott’s position. Afterall, if a Liberal minority government cannot govern, then Turnbull might be able to win an election (once Tony is dispatched, of course); but on the other hand, if it is a Labor coalition in power then Turnbull must ruthlessly eliminate Abbott from leadership – certainly before the first chance of a “No Confidence” motion winning against the government.

    If the behind the scenes dismantling of the Nelson Liberal opposition leader is anything to go by, Turnbull more than has it in him to be this brazen and uncompromising in pursuit of the PM’s chair.

  14. thing is,the more the GBfielding blocks,the greater the contrast(over a reasonable period of time)

    between responsible independent power and ideologically driven spite.

  15. News is that Katter will support the tories, but that Windsor and Oakshott make a seperate announcement at three o’clock, est.
    If they were going to go tory, why would they be making a seperate announcement?

  16. Ah yes, the white smoke. If the Coalition won’t fund national broadband, perhaps they might subsidize backyard smoke pits, so we can at least talk to the next valley.

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