Irony missing from the News Limited dictionary

News of the Grog’s Gamut debacle has reached my former home of Townsville, where the appalling Townsville Bulletin (aka Bully) publishes a splendid piece of invective against cowardly bloggers “who hide under the veil of anonymity, taking cheap shots to satisfy their trendy social agenda”. The author of this marvellous diatribe deserves some recognition, but sadly …

(H/T The Political Sword

14 thoughts on “Irony missing from the News Limited dictionary

  1. Pr Q quotes an anonymous New Ltd editorialist:

    bloggers “who hide under the veil of anonymity, taking cheap shots to satisfy their trendy social agenda”.

    I loved the swipe at bloggers “trendy social agenda” and promise to use it in my next rant on this subject. However the next swipe went one better:

    Bloggers, on the other hand, represent nothing. They whinge, carp and whine about our role in society, and yet they contribute nothing to it, other than satisfying their juvenile egos.

    Sad to say but my battered and bruised ego is long past the juvenile stage and is now well into the middle-aged slide. In self-defence bloggers can argue that we mostly have not given up our day-jobs.

  2. As an amusing irony within the irony, News Ltd commentators never tire of hectoring the left about how we need to lighten up and get a sense of humour. This from a mob who were recruited, I suspect, at primary school by picking those who found themselves unable to laugh at a clown act.

  3. @Jack M. Strocchi
    Ha ha …

    Before you know it the entire internet of bloggers will be (in the eyes of petty jealous News Ltd journos)…a giant left communist conspiracy!
    Expect the the following headline to appear in Murdoch somewhere soon

    “the interent is a communist plot”

  4. “every week, three in four people read the Townsville Bulletin in North Queensland”

    Does this mean that the fourth person takes his copy of it to, say, southwestern Tasmania and then uses it to wrap the fish and chips up in?

  5. doth protest too much?

    a “coalition” in Britain are acting like they see reynard de morloch as the equivalent of a commie threat.

    jeez life gets complicated and them interents just make it more so.

  6. It the bully is worse than the Australian it must be bad, I still read the Australian on on airplanes (can’t see myself paying for it), but really it is misnamed, “The Daily Winge” would describe it’s content better.

  7. @may
    Reynard de Morloch or Reynard de Morlock?
    Do you by chance mean a troglodite cannibalistic fox? Or do you just mean Rupert Murdoch? Or both?

  8. hmm.
    more complications.

    well,troglodite is underground though underhanded seems more apt.

    needing darkness ,avoiding factual clarity,etc.

    morlock or morloch? i dunno.

    if you want to give your spellchecker a nervous breakdown ask it if the shipwright did write the right rite.

  9. @may
    Quadruple homonym – there are lots of them that should send the spell checker crazy. A rose is a roes is a rows by any other name? Morlock is a troglodite (underground dweller) from HG wells. Reynard is the fox. Rupert underhanded or underground (how I wish?) cannibalistic Murdoch.
    I think Reynard de Morlock an apt name for for an old scheming fox.

  10. Well, it is hypocrisy from them: who signs h (is)er name to their cruddy editorials each day, for a start.
    And then there are the articles published by cowardly editors under the name of “a staff writer”, or with no attribution at all.
    Nor are Murdoch’s murderers necessarily popular with the online right, either- Sinclair Davidson aimed an uniquivocal swipe the other day, at Catellexy, on Grogs Gamut the other day, also.
    Bloggers may make honest mistakes, but at least we have not sunk to the level of a complete prostitution of intellect and conscience, in the act of premeditatively inventing cold blooded black lies and propaganda, like Kelly.
    Good faith,yeah, trust Paul Kelly!
    I’d do better trusting a used car shark.

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