The Noosa triathlon was all booked out, but that created an opportunity for innovation with DIY Tri. General idea is to do all three events in the course of the day, but otherwise no rules, no pack drill. I managed 16km run, 800m swim, 30 k cycle. Advantages

* No need to worry about transition – have lunch and do a bit of shopping between legs

* Not nearly as tiring

* Even with long breaks, takes less time than entering the official event (drive to Noosa, register, wait around for hours, do the event, wait to retrieve bike, collapse for a few hours, drive back)

* Guaranteed first place in every category

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5 thoughts on “DIY Tri

  1. Alice :
    You can keep that dry land work all to yourself Prof. Damned if I could run 1k without collapsing in a heap.

    It was only last year my son showed me how to float in water by putting my arms behind my head – otherwise my legs sink. Nothing better than floating in the water and looking up at the stars at night. My kind of exercise 🙂

  2. @gregh
    Gregh – your son is right – the trick to floating on your back and stargazing in complete relaxation is quite correctly to put your hands behind your head or out to the sides, a very gentle kick occasionally using the ankles not the knees…and to exhale out quite quickly but inhale more slowly and fully. You could float for hours like that.

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