9 thoughts on “Zombies in London

  1. Ahh no!… More warning would have been great! Would have been great to go and see… I guess the podcast they put up will have to do..

  2. Thank you for answering my question on utility and choice. As to FMH, in 2000 in the peak of Internet bubble I was working in Russia in Chelyabinsk (and there everybody was taking it for what it was from early 97′) I met some young computer science graduates working for competing banks. One of them intrigued me with a statement: “Do you know that with enough computer power one can predict the future” and explained that he meant financial market trades (as simulated by them bored cs graduates in between their servers). I think we’ve seen it in a Flash Crash. So even the weakest version is hard to defend.

  3. Anyway – of interest today – there is now verifiable proof that the policies of the neoliberal deregulation free market globalisation low tax privatise all hacks have comprehensively failed not recently, not in the last decade but over the past four decades.

    Zombies is absolutely right.

    Its in paper. It hasnt been given a lot of attention but thats par for the course…The Geneva Convention and the UN nations in poverty report. Before too long expect the new impoverished to be arriving here …irish have started fleeing, english, spanish, portugese, greeks…if I was mistaken I could almost think it was the end of WW2.

    Instead its the end of the great neoliberal dream or should be.

    The Prof should be dancing in the streets of London.

  4. No doubt the professor will indeed find much of interest for him in London, here Cameron’s Tories are gleefully imposing the sort of hideous remedies he has railled against in these threads.

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