Monday Message Board

It’s time again, once again, for the Monday Message Board. Post comments on any topic. As usual, civilised discussion and no coarse language. Lengthy side discussions to the sandpit, please.

27 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @Alice

    … the likeness to those that reside in the inner sanctums of banks.

    Personally I prefer to follow the Latin plurals when using Latin terms. i.e recta, sancta.

    Maybe it’s a schoolteacher thing.

  2. Ha ha Fran! You are good with your Latin. The only other person I know who even knows some Latin is my Mum!

    Oh its wonderful news. I knew there would be a day come when the leftish and rightish would meet in the middle. That agrarian socialist Bob Katter, who I happen to like and who has a brain under that big hat, says this in the paper today

    (in supporting the union campaign to get rid of Howards building industry watchdog)

    said he wanted “farmers and workers to join forces againts their common enemies of deregulation and free trade…


    “I never thought Id have to speak this way because…trade unionism was so powerful in this country and people respected the principles. Then we had this economic rationalism rubbish which is just like a cancerous disease”

    Spot on Bob.

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