Zombies and T-shirts and Posters

Get your Zombie-Econ t-shirts and posters from Zazzle!

Apparently, a reader wrote in to Princeton University Press asking for a poster of the cover, which isn’t standard issue for university press books. But thanks to the Internet, all things are possible these days, and within hours, they have been made available.

10 thoughts on “Zombies and T-shirts and Posters

  1. How about this comment of Kruggers ” I’ve been struck over and over again by the unkillability of zombie lies.”

    I think Krugman owes you a beer or a meal…at least.

  2. Actually, I think I stole the zombie meme (indirectly) from him. But I’ll chase him down for a meal if I can.

  3. Are you going to be available anywhere for book signings before Xmas? I bought the book as a present for a nephew – and it would be nice to get it signed.

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