131 thoughts on “NSW Labor Headed For Defeat

  1. Mosh, “time is running out” as to uni staff trying to negotiate an award with recalcitrant authorities. Do you realise just how Tory- coercive that sounds?
    This from a party supposedly devoted to the fair go for working people?
    You expect no better from tories, particularly of the Cameron/Osborne type, but what excuse for the new lickspittles on the block?
    Mosh, you keep suggesting there is a choice, it seems to some that it is a non- “choice” between, say the worst of Blair Brown New Labour and Toryism, which is to say between arsenic and strychnine.
    All we have asked, throughout the thread, is why Labor would bust its b-lls doing the wrong thing when it could and has been mandated to, look after theinterests of the community and the means to do much of this without grief is with in their grasp?
    Incidentally, I should note here that LP’s Paul Norton put up a thread there on a related issue, the subjugation of the unemployed, with the usual guff from economic rationalists about “labor market discipline” but many of the commentators there have woken up to the fact that thisis just code for duplicity and repression, also.
    Who pays their wages, while they run their faction fights and do squalid deals behind closed doors with “developers”. Of course, a six figure salary is never enough…

  2. Paul Walter, I am not privy to what is going on but will say that the informal side of communications which is kept out of the news is just as important as the formal negotiations in coming to an agreement. My guess is that the unis will come to the party within the month.

  3. Paul Walter, it seems the only issue at stake is whether the NTEU will appeal to the Full Bench in relation to certain matters raised during proceedings when on 24 December 2010 Fair Work Australia approved the 2010 Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement.

  4. Alice, Marie Ficcara is not the only twit within the Liberal Party for even your dearly beloved Barry O’Farrell has been caught out referring to Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a ”ranga”.

  5. @Michael of Summerhill
    Wow Moshie – if Barry’s only crime was calling Gillard “ranga” then my goodness – you mean he hasnt ripped off the people of NSW by flogging electricity in the middle of the night, shut down parliament to avoid an inquiry and told every public servant if they speak at the inquiry they can be sued for breaching commercial in confidence provisions.

    That yank Kenneally needs to go back to the basketcase that is the US. They like her right wing fruit loop kind over there (maybe she should join Palin and her government bashing mottley crew).

  6. Alice, for starters Keneally has the wright to prorogue Parliament when she sees fit and it is not unusual for Premiers to choose December. And secondly Barry O’Farrell’s use of the English language calling the PM ‘ranga’ is pub talk. But of concern are the divisions appearing within the Liberal Party and the influence of nazis dogma. As I said before you cannot trust someone who jumps in bed with nazis.

  7. Alice, it seems like Barry O’Farrell’s is now underfire from another Greenie, Susie Gemmell, who will stand for the Greens in the Ku-ring-gai electorate at the 2011 State Election telling the public ‘not to believe everything promised by Ku-ring-gai State Liberal MP Barry O’Farrell’. So don’t believe everything you read about O’Farrell in the mainstream media.

  8. @Michael of Summerhill
    When I saw your post in the menu Mosh and I say it wa under NSW labor headed for defeat – I just knew before I even opened the thread what you would be saying (you would be putting down an alternative govt and attempting to pump up NSW State labor).

    How you pump up a wet smelly cowpat Mosh, is beyond me.

  9. @Michael of Summerhill
    says “Alice, for starters Keneally has the wright to prorogue Parliament when she sees fit”
    oh and I suppose ypou think kenneally has the right to privatise state assets like electricity when she and Roozendahl see fit.

    For gods sake Mosh, they (NSW State Labor) can just go… and you can slink off with them.

  10. Alice, you have a wright to be upset over the sale of the last few public assets but it seems I am more in tune with the Greens than you are and this is a plus for Labor.

  11. @Michael of Summerhill
    Are you dreaming Mosh…”you seem to be upset over the sale of the last few public assets’

    Yes I am upset. I am upset over the sale of the last few hundred public assets.

    Do you mind? This country was once run well by politicians of both persuasions who hadnt even heard of Milton Friedom and his bunch of loony free market followers Mosh.

    I am older. I remember. These idiots who follow free markets and privatisations are morons and they are in our governments / treasuries/ dictating policy (the land of the living dead). Our governments are moronns in 2011. Maybe its the food chain, maybe its exposure to too many pesticides or household cleaning agents – I dont know – but they have lost their minds and couldnt run a piss up in a brewery (let alone government departments or governments services) for want of a better description ( both labor and liberal).

    Even senior puvlic servants admit “they cant run these public services any more – they dont have the expertise – its long gone”. So are they. They cant even manage the roads.
    Good thing when I retire (to get away from the mess they are making).

    Speaking of zombies – Securency is at it again.

  12. Alice, it is true what you say that Labor has moved to the wright but it seems you are not aware of what is happening within the NSW Liberal Party. No longer are the NSW Liberals a party with principles and unlike O’Farrell you will never see me jump in bed with nazis.

  13. @Michael of Summerhill
    says “Alice, it is true what you say that Labor has moved to the wright”

    Mosh – labor has moved so far right (thats right without the w) – its a case if “get what you can and bail up and out”

    – they make Bernie Madoff look like a sweet old man.

  14. @Michael of Summerhill
    Ask yourself one thing Mosh…is there anyone here agreeing with you – that NSW state Labor has something to offer the people of NSW.

    Is there anyone here with anything good to say about them apart from you?

    I think that just about sums it up.

  15. Alice, why don’t you argue along the lines of the Greens for it would make a hell of a lot more sense.

  16. Alice, seven quarters of economic growth in NSW is not a bad record given the GFC.

  17. Eeegads, that is astute, is this to do with the structure of the NSW (pol?) economy compared to say, the resource states?
    What factors must be involved, such as fed state and constitutional arrangements and against this background, can Alice’s argument be won, or Michaels. as to the (in) competence of NSW politicians against other politiicans elsewhere.
    We could here, tongue in cheek, at least the New South Welsh do not suffer natural disasters as do those elsewhere, say.
    But, its not time for tongue in cheek- whether or not one state has been more”efficient” than others relative to background and contingencies, would only be likely understood by trained exceptions like Quiggin or may be Ernestine Gross and likely even then after much study of figures, trends etc.
    But Mosh can contend that given resources etc, NSW may not have done as badly as appears, should certain factors not be being taken into account just now that can be eventually demonstrated.
    And others can remain sceptical.

  18. @paul walter
    Resources boom aside friend Paul – me thinks both Quiggs and Ernestine more than capable of using long term data (but perhaps not that produced by the NSW government).
    I remain skeptical as ever and more disconsolate at direction than ever.

  19. Alice, I take it as an off the cuff remark for NSW’s economy is the largest and most diverse in Australia, with the total value of goods and services produced in the State higher than for many national economies in the Asia Pacific.

  20. Paul Walter & Alice, if you are disputing any data put forward by the ABS or any other government agency which is incorrect then it was an honest mistake. So don’t start some conspiracy theory bulldust.

  21. Paul Walter, I am not sure where you live but NSW is not immune from cyclical long droughts, floods and firestorms.

  22. What NSW most needs is an end to government by announceable and forum group. That will probably not happen under the Coalition, but it will certainly not happen under Labor. In the long term NSW needs to reverse the Greiner administrative changes which effectively made the senior public service into political fixers for their ministers and to ban the revolving door by which former premiers and ministers take up jobs with Macquarie Bank and others when they leave office. That will also probably not happen under the Coalition, but with equal certainty it will never happen under Labor.

    Labor needs a period in opposition to get some actual ideas on policy and governance almost as much as NSW needs a break from Labor.

  23. Alan, whatever faults Labor has they need to differentiate themselves from the NSW Liberal/Nationals and in my opinion should be thinking about making some policy changes in relation to the future sale of State public assets. And given that I respect John Kaye as he is one of the most honest and capable politicians in parliament and fully support the underlying idea of his 2009 “Protection of Public Ownership Bill”, Labor would be on a winner if they endose Kaye’s proposal for the NSW public are crying out for such changes.

  24. MoSH, saying ‘whatever faults Labor has’, simply goes nowhere, Labor’s faults are massive and cannot be cured while they remain in power.

    They have privatised left, right and centre. They have created a situation where power and water are fast becoming luxury items to the poor. They have run down public transport and services. Their on again off again environment polices are a joke. The state’s infrastructure is literally falling apart.

    Changing policy on public ownership would be an excellent first step. Labor ran with an excellent policy on public ownership of electricity at the last election. Oh wait…

  25. @Michael of Summerhill
    I cannot think of a faster way to cede all power to powerful vested interests (like banks and their wealthy clients) than to continue with the absolute insistence that the budget always be in surplus, they continue to keep their triple A rating no matter the economic cirumstances, whilst at the same time privatising every income generating asset of government, and minimising all government expenditure. There must be a point at which nothing will save the government from privatising itself and before that happens most who remain in political power / government will seek to profit from the destruction of public infrastructure personally. This is what we see in in the behaviour of NSW Labor.

  26. MoSH, I am familiar with the bill introduced by a Green MLC and I don’t contest that you support it. I am not sure how that is an argument that Labor merits re-election. Indeed Kaye’s own speech in the legislative council is itself an excellent argument against re-election:

    The New South Wales Government has engaged in a fire sale of assets—a fire sale of assets that was never foreseen at the previous State election. I remind the House that at the previous State election the Public Service Association [PSA], of which I and many members of this House are proud members, asked candidates to sign a public interest pledge that said job cuts equals service cuts. Item 3 of that pledge was to guarantee to protect public sector delivery of services for New South Wales. One of the most famous signatories of this pledge was none other than then Premier, Morris Iemma, who signed the Public Service Association pledge just before appearing on the stage before a crowd of about 3,500 people outside Sydney Town Hall. His signing of the pledge was welcomed by all present and was seen as a commitment over the
    ensuing four years by the Labor Government to not privatise public sector service delivery and services.

    The result of that bill? Second reading negatived on division, 20/05/2010. The vote was 3 Greens against 23 others. Now if the premier were to endorse the bill and make it part of her election platform, with a commitment that it would be not be non-cored the way the Iemma promise was, that may be a different story.

  27. Alan, many within the labour movement supported John Kaye’s proposal before and after both readings, so the debate is not over and in my opinion Labor can still restore some of its dignity by having a guarantee in place as to the future sale of public assets.

  28. MoSH, the single worst problem that Labor has is that there is such a disconnect between what many within the labour movement support and what actually happens in government. The reason for that is the extraordinary ascendancy of the Sussex St nomenklatura which in reality determines both leadership and policy.

    The problem with Labor having a guarantee in place on the future sale of public assets is that they went to the last election with that same guarantee. Labor does not just break little peripheral non-core promises like the unlamented Howard government, Labor makes an art form of choosing whatever core value is dearest to its voters and throwing it out the window.

    Even if the Kaye bill had passed, it would be no surety of Labor’s behaviour. The Labor caucus approved the current fire sale and no doubt will approve future fire sales as well.

  29. Alan, I happen to disagree for whoever is in government will need a majority vote in both houses of parliament to proceed with any future sale of State public asset. Have to go.

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