Sandpit 300

This is a sandpit for people who want to
(a) argue about the efficacy of specific road safety interventions
(b) record their status as believers (with or without qualification) in the libertarian/conservative orthodoxy that climate change is a hoax/fraud/unsupported hypothesis.

I’d request no responses to those in category (b). They are, in my view, beyond help, and there are plenty of sites pointing out their errors if they want to look.

31 thoughts on “Sandpit 300

  1. @Alice
    “I just dont think there is any difference whatsoever.”

    Are you saying different incentives have no effect?

    “On average efficiency is better in the hands more humans than in the hands of a few ”

    You really think so? You never heard of “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? This can be confirmed mathematically – diseconomies of scale show up as the rising section of the long-run average cost curve.

    “Efficiency is like risk”

    No, it’s not.

  2. I should have mentioned this right at the start, but I was assuming our hypothetical sectors had the same starting point, in order to compare like with like. But they are not alike – the public sector has to be funded by taxation, which imposes an efficiency penalty before the money even starts getting used.

  3. When it comes to providing a specific service – my experience is that private industry is more successful than the public sector. However, when it comes to delivering policy outcomes private sector is inappropriate as its primary function is to deliver a profit. Again, just my experience.

  4. @Jarrah
    Jarrah – lack of taxation imposes an efficiency penalty also – common infrastructure is not constucted or maintained and only those who have the means travel well… increasingly fewer amount of people as wealth does have a habit of concentrating (much like what has been happening for so many decades now)…do you really want to live in the days of aristocracies and desperate peasants?

  5. Tony G,

    “government should not compete with an efficient private sector; and that businesses and individuals ā€“ not government ā€“ are the true creators of wealth and employment”

    is entirely the libertarian dogma. The catch is that it is as much wrong as it is right. Libertarians only see half of the picture. But you did by opening the statement with “Wherever possible”, and that is exactly the way that the Western world operates, give or take a very small percentage. Greece would be an interesting study case.

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