Well, at least that’s settled

Looking back over the blog can be a bit dispiriting. Many of the arguments we are having now were being conducted, in much the same terms, back in 2002. There is, however, at least one exception, even if it’s a relatively minor one. When I started, I included a category “Mac and other computers”, planned to express my position as a member of the beleaguered but enthusiastic minority of Macintosh users.

I’m posting this in a Starbucks in Washington DC[1] and every customer in the store, including me obviously, is working on either a MacBook or an iPhone. That’s fairly typical of my recent experience, so I think I can safely say that this issue has been settled. Of course, now that Apple is no longer the underdog, there are plenty of reasons for concern about its corporate policies, but those are more related to issues like Intellectual “property”

So, this is the last post in the “Mac and other computers” category. If only I could say the same for “Boneheaded stupidity”.

fn1. Not the kind of place I’d ever go in Australia, but decent independent coffee shops are just about non-existent here.

56 thoughts on “Well, at least that’s settled

  1. @Peter Evans
    I know what you mean by brown goopy coffee Peter but isnt it right that the coffee may be passable at Gloria jeans and starbucks BUT generally oversized, over chocc, over milky and not quite enough bite…they should be called cafshake bars.

  2. @Ken Fabos
    If you’re reliant on a satellite connection the equation changes although the NBN satellite subsidy could improve your situation.

    Even so, it’s worth remembering that cloud computing is a different model: You don’t download large chunks of data, just enough for to display what you’re working on. Just like I read and comment on this blog but I don’t have a local copy at all. Ditto for my online email and mail history it’s all at gmail. In the old days we stored local copies of everything, now we’re learning to let the internet handle that.

    Rather than bandwidth, it’s more a question of familiarity and trust. Plus a recognition that most users can’t/won’t do regular and reliable backups.

  3. Apple is no longer the underdog, there are plenty of reasons for concern about its corporate policies…

    Indeed. Apple is now more powerful than Microsoft, and that crept up on people really quickly.

    The Apple fanboys have a hard time admitting this. Some of Apple’s policies today are far worse than anything Microsoft tried at their zenith. The AppStore approval process springs to mind, as does the 30% cut of all app sales, the Flash ban etc.

    Imagine if Microsoft took a 30% cut of all software sales on Windows, and arbitrarily banned certain applications from the platform?

  4. I had to replace my phone recently, but an Iphone was never in contention – waaay too expensive. I’m very happy with the new Android phone, and would never go back. Can’t recommend Android enough.

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