3 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. It seems to me possible that the decline of membership in the major political parties has had the effect of ideological difference and therefore of policy. Membership became less relevant as parties sought funds for television campaigns. We are due to have a major political change in NSW Legislative Assembly following the election on March 26, and there will be that Menzies moment, but then the planning act and the local government act will be used very much as they are at the moment and for the same interests. We end with a change of personnel but not of fundamental policy.

  2. @wmmbb

    “We end with a change of personnel but not of fundamental policy.”

    Quite correct. Both major parties in Australia support the interests of corporate capital in general and corporate mining capital in particular. Both major parties receive large donations from aforesaid corporate capital. In essence, corporate capital pays both parties to follow the corporate line. Any attempt at deviation (like Rudd’s attempt to tax corporate mining capital a bit more) is met, behind the scenes, with furious threats of the withdrawal of corporate donations support. All the corrupt and venal operators in the party thus affected then effect a leadership and policy change to satisfy corporate capital.

    Meanwhile the broad social and national interest is ignored. Simple, isn’t it?

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