Oz Fail#3

In a snark before a totally unrelated item, Oz Strewth columnist James Jeffrey writes

ACCORDING to the UN (there’s a statement that doesn’t exactly carry a a lot of weight, but let’s push on), the world’s human population should pass the 10 billion mark some time around 2040.

As you’d expect of any factual claim made in the Oz, he’s wrong. The UN medium projection is for a population around 9.2 billion in 2050. Even on the high projection, 10 billion isn’t reached until about 2045.

6 thoughts on “Oz Fail#3

  1. Hmm.
    That’s a lot of people, whichever way you look at it.
    Just as well asteroids don’t exist!

  2. The copy I saw at the Library on Friday had the correct date at the top.

    Apart from that, yes it’s very obviously a fact free zone.

    Even the pages marked “Opinion” are not real opinions but fascist talking points.

    (I use the term ‘fascist’ advisedly).

  3. Wow! Poe’s Law and Godwin’s Law covered by the first two posts! That’s got to be some kind of record.

    I might as well add Ikonoclast’s Law.

    “Belief exists in inverse proportion to evidence.”

    The corollary is of course;

    “Knowledge is proportional to evidence.”

  4. Funny how they get stroppy over climate scientist projections (eg IPCC scenarios) not being “tight enough”, but are clearly unconcerned about being off by half a decade or half a billion people.

  5. yeah actually, Godwinning requires invokation of nazis, the ones that ran Germany 1933 -`945, not the spectre (real or imagined) of 21st century fascism.

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