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It’s time again for the Monday Message Board to resume. Post comments on any topic. As usual, civilised discussion and no coarse language. Lengthy side discussions to the sandpit, please.

How are people finding the site’s response time at present. It seems to me to have improved, but I’m still looking at options

54 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Hi fans! You all forget that the IPCC Book of Faith states that temperature increases will be highest in the high latitudes, and least in the tropics. For the High Lats there is no evidence whatsoever for rising mean temps, and for the tropics, the temps remain as flat as they always have been. Gorgeous Gabi Hegerl will have to do more to entice me to live with her in Edinburgh, despite her own stunning allure, by showing firm evidence for recent rapid rise of annual mean temp there from its usual less than 10 oC to at least 20 oC by 2015 at latest given my age. A lousy 2 oC will not do.

  2. My thoughts on diesel is that freight doesn’t have too many alternatives, raising the cost of diesel might see more demand for air freight which is even more poluting that road.

    What I put forward before though would just be a very simple start to the process which could be explained clearly to the public and expanded when the ETS comes in, my fear is that if the regime starts off as a complicated model it will be too easy politically to mount a scare campaign.

  3. @Charlie

    This is Ptolemaic, nicotine, Irvinite, nonsense.

    We have been all through the issues, and I have read every bit of ‘evidence’ you have presented.

    Denialists refuse to agree with science or historical facts because of ulterior motives. In the case of global warming, this is economic greed.

    Denialists do not understand data, regularly confusing graphs of anomaly, with graphs of temperature and they do not understand history, in that Medieval Warming and Little Ice Age are presented out of context.

    Denialists also get fixated with small facts that that complement their view. There has been a slight temperature rising tendency before the industrial age. However it is not possible to associate all this with ‘natural forces’ as, for example, the earth moves between two great ice ages (and Greenland is green etc). Increased CO2/methane commenced with deforestation, agriculture and population increase.

    Denialists cannot explain why the Medieval period was so warm, and why the Little Ice Age was so little. Increased GHG theory can.

    On the one hand we have greedy denialists, one or two artificially-funded rags, and environmental visigoths; on the other we have CSIRO, Academy of Science, United Nations, Bureau of Meteorology, and all quality refereed scientific journals.

    No contest.

  4. My thoughts on diesel is that freight doesn’t have too many alternatives

    Less of if (localization) and move to more efficient and safer rail.

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