4 thoughts on “New sand

  1. I refuse to be consigned to a sandpit even tho I have my idees fixes (all currently employed economics theories and government policies are wrong??).

  2. @Tony G

    I’ve deleted Tony G, who, as you surmised, seems to have lifted his contribution from some Canadian delusionist site. So your reply would only have confused matters.

  3. Now – this is supposed to be a place of freedom for idees fxees and rants (of which I have a few) but I have concerns Prof, that you will again think I am swamping the threads. So Id like you to know if you see three posts in a row its because I am busy at work and only get time to post after work but Im not in breach of my limits….

    The point of this rant is essentially anto privatisation and to say that on TV last night I realised the depths of government loss of skills in building infrastructure, from the workers up through the engineers, through govt employed architects, project managers and expertise

    In short the loss of entire departments once full of all skills necessary to BUILD by governments.

    The sad fact is they have lost these skills. My case in point is the NBN. The government needs people (just people who can do it on the ground) to roll it out and they are relying on using Telstra’s fixed lines…. and who did I see in full on screen but the latest CEO of telstra saying

    “the government needs people to roll it out who know what they are doing (or something very similar – the implication was crystal clear)…well we have people….for a price!!!!!”

    Much applause from his cronies.

    This is sickening. So Telstra now being a private organisation by a decision of government, wants to hold the government to ransom (for yours and my taxes) to roll out the NBN.

    All I can say is Government gets what it deserves for being so stupid as to divest essential infrastructure to the private sector and hand all its skills over.

    Its pathetic isnt it that now we have to beg (plead) Telstra to help us roll out an NBN (because our government doesnt have the skills anymore), and that flabby soft handed CEO is just another Sol Trujillo. Can you imagine what his price is for the “help”.????

    Nationalise the bastards at Telstra and face up to the mistake.

  4. F’r god’s sake its not stupidity.
    Its soft corruption.
    Not crude and life or death like at a border post in a miserable war zone some where, but it all counts.
    Like Fran barlow, I am glad this is not a sandpit where people grumble about moderators and sockpuppets and things. These antics draw sadness from sober people .
    Btw applause to Chris Warren for his 404 post which culminated thus far an engaged sort of week from him.

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