11 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. The censorship, or rather the biassed nature of “moderation” by Barry Brooks on the BNC site needs afair bit of analysis.

    I do not have time.

    But thius does point to the nature of our Brave New Nuclear Society.

    I object to [B]loody [N]uclear [C]ensorship.

  2. @Chris Warren

    I wouldn’t worry about it. The physical, economic and political limits to nuclear power generation are now reached. By this I mean Peak Uranium production, cost issues and safety issues. Nuclear power has taken a hit to the midships, right in the magazine. The captain is clueless, the fuel tanks are half empty and the seawater is rushing in… a metaphor that is almost literal in every detail!

  3. If you replace the word “Libya” with the word “Israel” the resolution could (should?) have easily covered any one of the military attacks on the civilians of Gaza over the years, especially 2009.

    We’ll never see a blockade or “no fly zone” being used for their protection. How do we live with that level of hypocrisy?

  4. @Ikonoclast

    Yes, I had the temerity to metaphor their nuke power to the “Titanic disaster’.

    Brook or his acolytes, did not like this for the post never saw the light of day.

    Sunk like a stone.

  5. Does it worry anyone else when people on the left use terms like bogan or red neck to describe working class people. I would question some peoples will to help out workers while they also appear to hold them in contempt.

  6. @el mono

    el mono, good point. We are giving the right wing a juicy free kick with that attitude. The right wing have a long list of tacktics and long history of using them to play poorer people off against each other and aginst those working for their economic and social interests.

    The “left’s” lazy falling into this attitudianl trap is counter productive, even if fostered from the nurturing of working class intollerance towards other minorities.

  7. I have had two posts at BNC that didnt see the light of day this past week..subjected to moderation irradiation I suspect.
    What amazes me with some academics – they go so far down a certain path they think they cant retreat even though they admit making mistakes.
    Its what I call the Greenspan complex.
    1. realise you were wrong
    2. admit mistake publicly
    3. resume usual activities as if the realisation of the error didnt happen.

  8. Monbiot has been making moronic statements about nuclear power: http://is.gd/Mf8zlp

    The fact that the events at Fukushima failed to result in a catastrophic meltdown has convinced him that nuclear power is totally safe. There are two possible explanations for this change in mind:

    1) Monbiot believes that it is reasonable to make decisions regarding nuclear power based on sample sizes of one, or;
    2) Based on all of the available evidence, Monbiot’s previous anti-nuclear position was only one non-catastrophic event away from turning pro-nuclear.

    He also says: “If other forms of energy production caused no damage, these impacts would weigh more heavily. But energy is like medicine: if there are no side-effects, the chances are that it doesn’t work.”

    Monbiot doesn’t appear to argue for the assertion that viable energy solutions necessarily involve negative environmental or social factors. The quote sounds clever, but it just isn’t.


  9. Apologies. I wrote that Monbiot now consider n-power “totally safe”. In fact, part of his claim appears to be that if it were totally safe, it would not be a viable energy option. I ought to have said that Monbiot now consider nuclear power to be a desirable energy production solution.

  10. Here is an example of non-pomo education of the public about radiation, including natural radiation, monitoring of natural and pollution from nuclear power plants – located anywhere in the world. The diagram, updated and published at specified time intervals every day, is supported by an explanation of how and when measurements are taken as well as why there are fluctuations in the measurements. This explanation can be activated by a link.


    This is also an example of a ‘public good’ in the sense that individuals who are worried about radiation (possibly as a result of pomo-educators telling everybody that everybody is scared) don’t have to buy geiger counters and then worry about how to use them.

    Unfortunately, the material is in German. Perhaps Fran will volunteer to translate it.

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