Campbell’s cockamamie campaign

Brisbane Lord Mayor ‘Concrete’ Campbell Newman has announced that he wants to be State Premier, but is not prepared to give up his current job to run for the office. Rather, he plans to run for a seat at the next election, then challenge for the leadership of the LNP, which, he hopes will have a majority. Like Malcolm McKerras and others, I’m bemused by this strategy. What is the Parliamentary LNP supposed to do between now and the next election, and what kind of campaign can be run on this basis? Will there be two policy speeches?

Supposing that Newman has majority support in the Parliamentary LNP, their best option would seem to be deposing the current leader Langbroek (no great loss there, admittedly) and replacing him with someone willing to act as a stand-in. That would be a pretty miserable position to occupy (imagine the fun the government will have with it) but perhaps someone can be found to do it. The situation in the City Council will be similarly farcical, giving Labor a chance of regaining its majority.

However, I suspect that reality will sink in soon, and that this cockamamie idea will be abandoned. Either Newman will back away from state politics or he’ll have to follow the standard route in such circumstances finding someone willing to stand aside and create a by-election.

Between the successful management of floods and this farce, a Bligh government that seemed doomed (deservedly so in my view) now looks to have a good chance of retaining office.

Update It looks as if they are going with the “stand-in” plan, with Jeff Seeney as the bunny. Both Langbroek and Springborg have quit. Seeney certainly won’t outshine Newman, but he can still do the LNP plenty of damage. I still predict Newman will be forced to run for a seat in Parliament before long. Perhaps one of the departing leadership team will be kind enough to make way for him, but I wouldn’t count on it.

28 thoughts on “Campbell’s cockamamie campaign

  1. All very funny, except that up here in cane-toad land we have a serious problem.

    The ABC is literally in bed with the Murdoch press. The Murdoch press has a monopoly.

    The Fairfax media is fatally compromised by attempting to beat the Murdoch mob in that (ABC/Murdoch) demographic.

    Scott Prasser from the Catholic University seems to be QLD’s only political analyst when it comes to feeding the feeble-minded with the opinion of what to make of all this.

    Upshot is: go to the shop, the pub or the local school and you will find that the great unrepresented swill are now already talking about voting “Labor” or “Newman”.

    Sad, but true.

    For what it’s worth: Blighty was going to lose anyway, if she goes early it will be a landslide. If her crew wasn’t in on the joke she’d be best advised to just sit back and make Campbell Newman and Campbell St, Bowen Hills (the Rupe nest) do all the hard work for the next 12 months. Like KK in NSW, she can continue to destroy the State for her neo-con masters in the meantime. Easy.

    PS: Hilariously, the gov is trying to make miles out of the idea that Feeney isn’t independent but is taking his orders from elsewhere! Whereas Bligh’s team on the other hand is…..?

  2. @Megan

    Yes. I suppose you’re right. Qld does tend to have more of red-neck and knuckle-dragger demographic. Maybe you are watching the birth of [a] (not another one) nation, but of another Joh. Maybe Kylie will sing “We can be so lucky” at Campbell’s swearing in.

  3. ha ha – not another one nation! Hang on – Tony Abbot has been secretly trained by the redhead (not that redhead) for years. He now has a chip on hs shoulder.

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